Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010: Trick or Treat

I was planning on starting our Halloween posts with our Saturday evening caramel apple making and pumpkin carving but after I loaded the pictures on the computer tonight I realized I didn't have a picture of Hutton's pumpkin, so I'll save that post for tomorrow.

One of the items on my Fall Soul Season list was to make the kid's Halloween costumes.  Unfortunately the only time I had free to do it (because I needed my mom's help) was the day after my procedure. That afternoon I realized I needed a nap worse than I needed to hit the sewing machine, so I ended up sending the project home with her and she made Hutt's leopard costume (which she did a great job on - the pattern she used was the same one we used for Keats skunk last year, when he was 10 months old, she had to improvise on the size based on a sleeper I sent home with her - Thanks Mom/Grammy!).  Keaton, our little choo choo driver, didn't need a costume made as much as he needed it assembled.

However, Collin did make his wagon into the "K-Train."

We found his bibs at the Oshkosh outlet store during a shopping trip in September and his choo choo hat was Uncle Buck's when he was a little boy.  The red bandanna is Papa's and the toy Lionel Lines train that we used in his picture was Grandpa Grizz's when he was a boy.

Trick or Treating was fun this year because the boys got into it.  Keaton was a little shy at first but eventually warmed up when he realized every house was giving him stuff to put in his bag - I'm not sure he knew what he was getting was candy, but I don't think he really cared.

Towards the end of the evening though he was having more fun just running around like crazy.

Our little leopard started out his first Trick or Treat hungry....

After devouring his promptly crashed for the remainder of the trip.

Those leopards...they need their sleep.

All-in-all our Trick or Treat was a success, even if capturing a good picture of the boys together wasn't.

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Em said...

Oh man, are the boys ever adorable in their costumes! I love that Keaton got so excited at each house when he realized he was getting stuff...too cute. And that sleeping leopard? Precious! Also, that was a really cute idea--making the wagon into the K-train. :)