Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010: Pumpkin Carving

This post was supposed to go up last week, before we left for Indy, but the night I had planned on writing it I was busy packing and picking up the house for our trip. I thought I'd be able to jump online and finish it up while we were on the road but that just never happened because when I did have the time I was too busy soaking up all the TLC I possibly could.  Related: it's probably a good thing we don't have cable.


The night before Halloween we went to Papa & Busha's for a little celebration which included homemade pizza, caramel apples, and pumpkin carving.

We had planned on carving three pumpkins that evening but as we turned the corner on our way there we heard a clunk and we instantly knew one was a goner.  So these were the two we had left.  Hutton's on the left and Keaton's on the right.  Actually, the one on the left is the one Keaton picked out at the pumpkin patch but because it was the smaller of the two we decided to make it Hutton's.

Keaton wasn't quite sure what to make of this pumpkin carving business...

We were able to get him to reach in and touch the inside...

but I'm not quite sure he liked the sliminess.

He preferred to watch Collin do the cleaning.

But we did get a smile when he and Daddy pretended to eat the gunk.

As Collin was cutting out the face Keaton kept touching his ears and asking huh? huh?
So Collin pleased him by including ears on his pumpkin.

While we turned our attention to caramel apples Collin dug out Hutt's pumpkin.

Our jack-o-lanterns are still sitting outside. 

Keaton's has one tooth because he is 1-year old.

And Hutton's has none; just a big gummy smile.

And some of my other favorite pictures from the evening...

Papa & Busha gave Keaton a train whistle in his Halloween goodie bag.  This whistle is so awesome, it's handmade and really sounds just like a train.  It was perfect for his costume!


CLAREW said...

Is he potyy trained already?!?! Andrew is fighting us HARD to be potty trained!!! Very cool!

Amanda said...

Very cute pumpkins, they fit the boys personalities :) I love the picture of Papa with his boys!!!!

CaSondra Shim said...

I just love seeing your posts! I too love the picture of Pappa and his boys!

Kate said...

Kelly - oh no, no, no, he's not potty trained yet. We're just starting. I actually think we are in our "window of opportunity" though - he has been telling us when he needs to go and is excited about it (he gets stickers for going pee pee in the potty). I think if we don't bite the bullet and just DO IT we're going to regret it in a couple of months when he starts fighting us. But is seems like so much work.

Kate said...

Dang it! Kelli, I spelled your name wrong! I'm sorry!

Em said...

So much to comment on in this post! I love all the pics, and agree with everyone else that the pic of Papa with his grandsons is precious! The train whistle K received for Halloween is also too cool. I also love that you gave the pumpkins teeth based on the stages they're cute. You guys have really made the most of the season with these fun activities. I love that you did the caramel apples, too!

Jill said...

Great post - I LOVE the reaction to the pumpkin goo...Ben's was about the same! And then Emma was like, give me the scooper! :) Sounds like you had a great night!

And for the potty trainers...good luck to us all! I just got the "boy" potty seat (thomas) in the mail and just ordered Ben's training underwear tonight, so it's official...I need to get started! :)

Kate said...

After reading all your comments on this post I decided to print out the picture of Papa and his boys and include it in his (60th!) Birthday card. Thanks for the idea, guys!