Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deer Hunter's Widow Weekend

In Wisconsin this weekend is known as Deer Hunter's Widow Weekend.  It's also known as Opening (Gun) Deer Season, but for us women it's Deer Hunter's Widow Weekend. 

Just a couple of years back I would have spent it out with the girls, partying too hard and drinking too much, but with kiddos that's no longer possible.  Instead I spent this weekend making turkey cookies, eating mac n' cheese, watching movies, and dancing to Christmas music.  And the best part?  I woke up to a smiling baby instead of a nagging hang over.  Win and win.

Yesterday Amanda and Kira came over and we, along with our (combined) six kiddos, made Thanksgiving cookies.  These are the girls you want by your side if you're making crafts/cookies with six kids ages 10 weeks - four years old.  Amanda brought all the cookie/craft supplies and Kira came bearing Starbucks. 

Amanda is like a kids craft project professional and she knew it was important to do a test run first.

I am most definitely a kids craft project newbie.  And apparently so is my kid.  Amanda gave each child their turkey parts and when I looked down at Keaton's plate to start working on his turkey I realized he had already taken a big 'ol bite out of his turkey body.

The kids had a good time making their cookies and looked pretty cute as they sat and assembled their turkeys. 

And the final product was pretty darn cute as well.

Hutton and Hannah were too young to make cookies but they still got to spend the afternoon hanging with the big kids.

And getting lots of love and snuggles.


Em said...

Looks like a fun way to spend your Widow Weekend. :) Those turkey cookies are very cool! Is there a "how-to" for them somewhere? Or maybe *someone* would like to post one? (hint, hint) :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for a super fun Widow's Weekend :) Definitely need to keep this tradition going!

Em---I basically took a few ideas and make them into turkeys :) We used striped cookies, choc frosting (canned), caramels, choc marshmallow cookies, candy corn and mini m&ms. Put frosting on the back of the marshmallow cookie and stick it to the striped side of the striped cookie. Then use some frosting to stick the caramel on for the head of the turkey. Then frosting for the candy corn on the back and also two m&ms for eyes and a broken piece of candy corn for the beak :) The other one was just frosting on the back of the striped cookie with candy corn feathers and then a Hershey's kiss on the bottom of the caramel and the eyes and beak again :)

Hope this helps :)

Em said...

Amanda, thank you for posting those instructions! Definitely would like to try this one next year when my little one is a little older. :)