Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Keaton: 22 months

Dear Keaton,

At the end of September you turned 21 months old. I started composing this letter in my head at that time but finding the time to sit down and actually put it on paper was a challenge. Before I knew it it was the end of October and you had turned 22 months old so I decided I’d just go ahead and write a 22 month letter. As I’m writing this we are less than 10 days away from you turning 23 months but darn it, I’m writing this thing! When I think back to the last letter I wrote you at 19 months I feel like you have aged about 2 years in the last 3 months. Actually, you’ve aged a good year in the last month. The pictures I had planned on using for your 21 month letter no longer even look like you!

When I wrote your brother’s 3-month letter I told him what I predicted for his future. As I was making those predictions I was also thinking about you. At 22 months you are a hard worker. I think you are the hardest 22-month old worker I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s helping me sweep or Grammy do dishes or Papa make wood piles you take your work very seriously. You are also very intense, particular, and determined. The way you love, play, and oh yes, get mad, it comes from deep in your heart and you do everything with all your might. As your mother I hope I do right by you. I hope I guide you in the right direction and provide you with the support you need to achieve your dreams because I believe you could do whatever you set your mind on. And I can foresee you doing big things.

You have also become quite the daredevil in recent months. You love to climb and jump and climb. And did I mention climb? A few weeks ago I was talking to Grammy on the phone and you kept climbing up on the ottoman and standing up and jumping and I was afraid you were going to fall and crack your head so I suggested you go get Muffin Man and ride him (Muffin Man is your ride-on toy that sings Twinkle Twinkle and the Muffin Man song). You looked at me and your eyes twinkled and your face clearly said – that is the best idea ever, Mom! I was confused by the look since you’ve been riding Muffin Man for months but ignored it because I was on the phone. The next thing I knew you were pulling Muffin Man up on top of the Ottoman and riding him on there! A few days later I was sitting at the dining room table when you took Muffin Man, got a running start and rode him right down the basement stairs. Right down the stairs. It all happened in slow motion. I remember yelling Nooooo! But it was too late. You were fine. Shook up, but fine. But your Mother? I’m not sure I’ll ever be quite the same.

You’ve also really started talking in the last month. You’re not speaking in sentences yet but you’re just starting to put a couple of words together and your list of words has really grown in the past couple of months. All weekend long you’ve been telling me Dada! Papa! Bang! Deer! Which, yes, you’re right; Daddy and Papa were deer hunting this weekend. Your new favorite words are wood, fire, move and Oh my! The weather has recently gotten pretty chilly and we’ve been busy bringing in lots and lots of wood to burn in the fire. You watch intently as Daddy loads the wood bin and as he builds a fire and you are constantly saying “wo” and “fi”. Move sounds more like “Meeve!” and it is most always directed at the poor dog. We’re trying to break you of yelling at her and lately you’ve been giving her lots of love and hugs – which is much nicer than the normal hip check as you scream Meeve! at her. Oh my! you learned from Busha and it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Some of your other words include more, which is “mimi”, water “wa”, milk “mi”, car “ca”, Hutton “Ha”, Keaton “Tt”, Busha “Boo”, cho cho train “dee dee”, beep beep, all done, baby, Hi, and Uh oh, which you say often as there seems to be lots of spills around our house. For months and months you called your Nuk “Deee!” but have recently changed it to “nuh.”

At 21 months you got your first haircut, moved into a big boy bed, and started going pee pee on the potty. You’re not potty trained yet but you are excited about it and I think we need to just buckle down and do this because if we don’t I’m afraid we’re going to miss our window of opportunity. At 22 months you love trains, cars, and tractors. You still love to brush your teeth and ask for your sleep potion. You also love wearing slippers. At night you sleep with two blankets and four stuffed animals and when you mosey into our room in the middle of the night you bring ALL of this with you. You will go back into your room and get 2 or 3 loads if needed, but you make sure you have it all. You are just getting into watching videos and your favorites are Thomas (because, of course, it’s a train) and the Peanuts holiday collection, which you call Woof Woof – Snoopy is your favorite. Your baby brother is your best friend; you ask to hold him by touching your right hand to your right shoulder and you love to tell him Hi and pat his back. Last night Hutton was sitting in the dining room in his bumbo chair and you came in the mud room and said Uh oh and touched your mouth.  I wasn't sure what you were trying to say and so you turned around and went back to Hutton's side.  You came back in the mud room and did it again: Uh oh and touched your mouth.  It was then I put it together and asked you, did he spit up?  And you shook your head vigourously.  I have a feeling you will always be looking out for Baby Hutton.

As I finish this letter you are in the other room yelling “No” (Naaa!) at someone and it reminds me that, oh yes, this word everyone has warned us about, it has finally made its way into your vocabulary and you say it all. the. time.

In a couple short months you are going to be two years old. I have no idea how time has gone by this quickly, but it has, and you have made it so much fun.

I love you, Bruske.


Amanda said...

Beautiful letter as usual. The boys are going to LOVE these the older they get. You have a knack for writing...I still say you should write a book ;)

Em said...

I read this a couple days ago and keep forgetting to come back to comment. I really loved reading this post; it was so descriptive and really painted a vivid picture of the little person Keaton is at this point in his young life! I can't believe your baby is growing up so fast.