Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Hutton: 4 Months

Dear Hutton,

A couple of weeks ago you turned four months old. I would have written this letter sooner but shortly after this milestone we packed up the car and headed on vacation for a week – spending some time with your Auntie CaS and Uncle Ben and with Grammy and Grandpa Grizz. It was a much needed break for all of us. Before we left though you had your 4-month well baby visit where you weighed in at 13 pounds 12 ounces (25%), were 23 inches long (5%) and had a head circumference of 42 cm (50%). After looking at your stats the doctor looked up at you, looked back at your stats and looked at you again before saying: He just looks bigger than that! And although I’m not surprised at your stats I have to agree that you do not “look” little. Compared to your brother’s 4-month stats you still have 6 ounces on him but you are ¾ of an inch shorter than he was which is why I think we were able to keep you in 0-3 months clothes a little longer.

The biggest event in this past month was your hernia surgery. You were about a week shy of four months old when we took you in to have the hernia repaired. I was terrified of putting you under anesthetic and while we sat in the waiting room surrounded by other nervous family members I kept my fingers busy and my mind still by tweeting and Facebooking every update I could. Looking back it might have been a little obsessive but at the time it was what I needed to stay relatively calm. You, on the other hand, did beautifully. Although you cried as they carried you away the nurse said you calmed down as soon as you turned the corner and you went to sleep and came out of the anesthetic with no problems. While they had you under the doctor also checked the left side and discovered you had not one but two hernias. The good news is they were able to repair both and you seem to have healed fine. The bad news is I think the months of pain have worn on you and we have a feeling the pain you were feeling in your car seat has resulted in a learned response. You still scream. You still hate the car. However, it is a different scream now. Not the Mama! Mama! Get me out of here it hurts! scream but a Mama! Mama! Get me out of here I hate this place and I kind of hate you for putting me here! Scream. I’m hoping as time goes on you will grow out of this but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

This month you discovered your hands and now they are always, always, always in your mouth. This also means you have a lot of drool and we’ve been going through outfits at warp speed. Well, the outfit changes aren’t just because of the drool, you also have a tendency to poop through your clothes, sometimes multiple times a day, but the drool doesn’t help. With this new discovery you’ve started batting at things while laying on your play mat or at items hanging from your bouncer and every once in awhile you’ll catch hold of one of those items and you hold on for dear life.

In addition to finding your hands you’ve also started babbling a lot this month. I remember your brother saying a lot of agoo’s and agee’s and while you also have these sounds they sound different from his; and your favorite sound seems to be Oooh. I love these subtle differences between you two. When we talk to you you really study our faces and it almost seems as if you are trying to form your mouth in the same shape. I can see your little brow furrow as you think hard and your mouth adjust before you let out the next sound. Of course as your mother I think it is the most adorable thing ever, but then of course I think everything you do is adorable. Well, except for the pooping through your clothes. I could do without that. My most favorite sound you made this month though was a deep hearty laugh. Not the baby giggle but a laugh that comes from your gut. You’ve done it for me a few times and I usually get it out of you by nom nom nomming on your neck.

At four months we finally moved you into 3-6 months clothes, you continue to set your own bedtime between 8 and 8:30 and you let us know when it is time to go to sleep (hello Mr. Crabbypants). We now make you 5 oz. bottles and you usually eat the whole thing, still about every 3 or so hours. You’re not a consistent fan of the nuk – sometimes you love and sometimes you hate – and you have finally become very relaxed in the tub. You don’t like to be overheated and you sweat more than any baby I’ve seen but yet you love to be held close and cuddled.

Before you were born, before I knew what you looked like and how you felt in my arms, I knew I loved you. But every day I’m astounded at just how deep that love goes. Sometimes I look at you and can’t help but exclaim, I love that kid! You have added so much to this family and I look forward to every new day with you. I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

All my love,


Patten Family said...

Too cute. I love his little bald eagle head. Cutie pie in deed:)

CaSondra Shim said...

I love that KID too! Great Photos- love your letters to the boys!

amanda said...

Such a handsome boy! That outfit looks wayyy cuter than I anticipated! Love your posts to the boys! Miss you all!

Em said...

Hutton is so cute! Ah, those cheeks! I don't think I've asked this before - do you guys think he looks like anyone? It's funny because I used to think Keaton looked so much like Collin, but I see so much of you in him now, and now I think...whoa...Hutton *really* looks like Collin.

Can totally relate to the "I love this kid!" explanation. I was just looking at Lucy the other day and my heart was bursting out of my chest as I thought, "I'm so in love with this little girl!" :)

Amy Bomstad said...

Very cute! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I have been very busy and can't even find time to update my blog...better get going though as I am slacking even more on the baby book!

The leopard print pic of Hutton is adorable! He so looks like Collin...Wow!

I hope you guys are doing well! I read your blog about the car screaming and I cringe as I know EXACTLY the stress that that situation brings...yikes!

Amanda said...

Beautiful letter to Hutt :) Aaron commented how much he's changed just in the last month, such a big boy! Thanks for letting me snuggle him so much on Saturday :) Definitely fulfilled my baby fix!