Sunday, October 24, 2010

This and That

Hoo boy, I've been in a crappy mood this weekend.  Of course now, at 10:55 on Sunday night, I feel happy as a lark but the rest of the weekend?  Not so much. It was so bad I didn't even want to be around myself.  And my mood rubbed off on Collin who then became crabby and I was all, what is YOUR problem?  I know exactly what's causing it and I wish I could fill you in but, well, it's due to that thing we don't talk about on the Internet.

The few good points of this weekend: sleeping in, snuggling the boys in front of the fire, a fire that burned non-stop all weekend long, watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with Keats, Keaton sitting nicely on my lap as I worked on the computer, Hutt's smiles and coos.

I have a number of posts in the hopper, including:
  • Hutt's Surgery post - most of you all ready know the outcome (if you don't look back at my Twitter stream or Facebook updates from Thursday - the gist, it went really well) but I still want to do a post for his baby book.  This is the only place I'm recording memories so I want to write it down.
  • Keaton's 21 month letter - but at this point I might as well wait another week and write a 22-month letter.
  • Hutt's 4-month letter - due Thursday
  • Cloth diapering the whys and whats - some people have asked what brand we're trying and what led us in this direction...the details are coming
  • Finish the gosh darn vacation posts!  And right now you're asking: She's not done with those yet?  Answer: No, she's not.  I mean, I'm not. I have a few left I just need to get them done already.  Why, at this point?  For the baby books!
The things I really wanted to get done this weekend that didn't happen: 1) Clean the kitchen - I got 3/4 of the counters cleaned and the floor swept, but it still needs work. 2) Convert Hutt's wardrobe to 6 mo. clothes.  He must be short in the torso because the 3 month onsies still fit him fine, but his sleepers and outfits are getting to short.  It's time to make the change so I know what clothes we still need for him this winter. 3) Work on Thank yous.  Ugh.  I am the worst when it comes to getting thank yous done.

I'm considering linking my Twitter stream to Facebook.  Does anyone know if there is a way to have SELECTED tweets go to Facebook?  My problem is, I'm not sure I want EVERYTHING going there.

Next weekend is Halloween and then it will be November 1st.  And can someone tell me how THAT happened?

Although I'm looking forward to November as we are planning a trip down to Indy to see Collin's sister and brother-in-law.  It will be a nice, needed, break.

I think the slew of medical stuff going on around here has finally caught up with me.  This weekend I have been so overwhelmed.  It's odd, you'd think I'd be feeling the exact opposite now that everything is done.  But that's just it, it's not all done.  Hutt and I still have follow-up appointments to go to and, oddly, they are stressing me out.  Not the appointments themselves but the fitting in of MORE stuff.  It's left me feeling all out of whack and like there is no order in our lives right now. 

Which takes me back to Point #1 - my crabby mood.  It's a vicious cycle, this mood.

And on that note, I'm out.  Good night guys. 

P.S. Go Pack!  We love you Favre...when you SUCK!  Woo!!


Em said...

Hey hon - if you sign up for something like HootSuite, you can type in a 'message' and then just select what social media site you want it to go to. Both FB and Twitter this time? Just Twitter? Just FB? It should be able to accommodate you. I have an account I set up while researching social media aggregators for work; now I just need to start using it for my personal stuff!

Man...I really want a fireplace. That snuggling by the fire stuff sounds awesome. :)

Hopefully your upcoming Indy trip and getting those follow-up appointments out of the way will help you start feeling a little more balanced. *Hugs*

CLAREW said...

I can relate to the "out of whack" feeling and we don't have the medical stuff. It's amazing how 1 more little baby makes for NO time to do anything. You gotta learn to let some things go and chalk it up to having 2 "babies"!!! Funny thing is the exact crabby scenario was happening in the Glass house ;) take sometime to take a deap breath and realize how awesome your doing through all that scary medical stuff!!!