Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This and That

Oh man, it's already Tuesday? Where are the days going?  I looked at the calendar today and realized on Friday we'll be half way through October.  And a friend wrote today and reminded me that Christmas is only 10 weeks away.  Is that really possible?  Yes, yes, I guess it is.  Life moves so fast.

We had a busy weekend with family in town for a special little girl's (our new niece) baptism.  We did sneak in a little outing I've been dying to tell you about but I've been so moody the past couple of days that I couldn't have even faked cheery if I tried and so I've been holding off.

I'm not quite sure what has caused my sour mood but I think it might be one or a combination of the following: not enough sleep, worrying too much about the state of the house because we had family staying here Saturday night, thinking that this 4 day weekend was going to be a break when a) I had my procedure on Thursday and b) I have two children who don't stop having needs just because Mama wants couch time, not enough sleep (did I mention that already?),  and/or my pain-body needing negative energy to feed off of/rejuvenate itself (and now you're all, wha????  I came up with this after reading a few more sections in my book tonight - this book is nothing short of enlightening.)

I kinked my neck about 4, maybe 5, days ago sleeping on it wrong and it still freakin' hurts.  When I come to a stop sign it takes everything I have to turn it from side to side. to check for traffic before crossing.

I called today to schedule Hutt's surgery.  I'm still nervous for so many reasons and that will probably be a post in itself, but I know it needs to be done.  This weekend was bad.  Every time we put him in the car he screamed and I ended up climbing in the back seat.  A trip that should have taken 15-20 min took over an hour because I had to stop twice to calm him down and nurse him (that's about the only thing that really settles him when he is that upset).  My mom was with me and she was practically in tears listening to him.  I think I have become somewhat desensitized to it and having her there reminded me just how bad it is. The doctor is out this week but the nurse I talked to said she'd look into Hutt's information and call me back and hopefully we can schedule this before the doc gets back into the office next week. 

I suck at dieting.  I haven't lost a single pound.  I'm not sure why I kid myself into thinking this time the weight will come off easily, because weight has never come off easily for me!  We are having a hard time fitting in exercise.  It seems Collin and I will each get one or two days in a week and then the rest of the week falls apart.  Also, I've been drinking WAY too much Coke at work and indulging in a chocolate treat in the afternoons.  I've been keeping it to a small amount but still, it's EVERY afternoon!  The thing is I WANT to work out, I WANT to eat healthy, I have the burning desire, I just need to figure out a routine that works and unfortunately I'm pretty sure that is going to mean less sleep.  Collin and I are starting a new program on Monday - the one that Kira talked about here - so we better figure it out pronto. If anyone has good advice for fitting daily exercise into the schedule I'd love to hear it.  This battle is so new to me - there was once a time that I spent 2 hours a night in the gym....but that was before I was married, before I had a house, and certainly before kids....for the past few years I feel like I've been flailing in this department and more then ever I feel the need to figure it out, to get back down to a healthy weight and feel good about myself again. 

I never know if I should talk about that crap on here, I know it can get annoying, but it's heavy on my heart and mind right now as my doctor agreed last week that it would be beneficial to a future (hopeful) pregnancy if I lost some of this excess weight first.

I'm still trying to talk Collin into chickens.  Keaton is totally on board. Tonight he asked me how I was going to get out to the coop in the middle of the winter.  I told him *we* would have to shovel a path.  Who will shovel the path?  He asked.  We? I told him.

I'm still working on Hutton's BIRTH thank yous.  The kid is 3 1/2 months old! And once I finally get those done I've got to start on his baptism thank yous. 

It's time for bed.  Happy Dreams, all!

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Em said...

I keep forgetting to tell you...I started reading that book, oh, probably about a year ago now on my Kindle, then set it aside as other readings took priority. I started it again the other week, starting out exactly in a chapter talking about letting go of all of the "stuff" (material possessions). It was right after we had that one chat, too. Kinda crazy that it all coincided like that. Anyway, I'm now reading it again and finding it quite powerful.

I hope your neck feels better soon. That is so miserable when that happens. No wonder you're feeling blech-y.

I got tears in my eyes reading about your Mom tearing up at Hutt's cries. Keep us posted on his surgery getting scheduled. And keep breathing deep, Mama. It's going to be okay.

I wish I had some good advice on fitting in work-outs right now. If anyone else has good advice, I will also be interested in it. I usually end up in the same boat--start off strong with one day, then it all goes to hell when I can't keep my eyes open at night. And I just can't get myself to get up at 4 a.m. to do it. 5 a.m. is about as early as my body will allow...and that's hard enough! Wishing you both luck as you start this new program.

Lastly, try not to stress too much about the thank yous. I am not one to talk as mine took me FOREVER to finish, but they did finally get done. People understand, Kate, truly. And if they don't, well...yeah. I'll just leave it at that.

Hope your week starts looking up!