Monday, October 4, 2010

This and That

I was planning on putting up our pumpkin patch post tonight but it is already 11 pm and I need to get to bed, so you’re getting a mishmash of this and that instead.

My mom is coming up tomorrow night to stay for a few days as this is doctor appointment week. We have a consultation with a pediatric surgeon for Hutt on Wednesday afternoon. We’re leaving Keaton at home this time because we need to be able to focus, ask questions and explain what’s going on without having to also wrangle a child. Two weekends ago was a bad weekend with lots of episodes and he had another one for no apparent reason this morning. So this is definitely an issue, it’s not getting better and when then tell me he isn’t in pain I call bullshit. I see the kid’s face; he is most definitely in pain.

On Thursday morning I will be going in for the LEEP procedure. We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit and think about it and I think it’s probably better that way. When I do think about it I get nervous and scared. I’m not necessarily sure of what I’m nervous and scared about, but I am.

This weekend we went grocery shopping and the cashier asked to see my card to check the signature when I was done with my transaction. Keaton was sitting in the cart and I was holding Hutt so I didn’t have the best penmanship to begin with but then the pen on those signing machine thingys didn’t write very well and so my K looked more like a C. The cashier looked at it, then looked at me, then questioned me. This is all fine, she’s just doing her job, but here’s what I find funny – I used two $1 coupons to complete my order. If I was going to steal someone’s card would I worry about using coupons?? I mean really.

Hutton had his 3-month pictures taken on Saturday and the session went pretty good. I was nervous after his newborn pictures required TWO sittings to get some decent pictures because he cried through the entire first session. I’m looking forward to his 6-month pictures because CaS said she’d take them for us when she’s home for Christmas!

I’m reading the book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose and it is really making me think. I’ll have to let you know if I recommend it once I’m done but so far it’s hitting home with me.

I spent a awhile talking to a friend today about living more simply. About being happy with what we have, not being content, but really being happy and how freeing it is when you get there. It’s awesome having conversations like that and having the other person practically complete your sentences.

But, if we’re talking about wants then you should know, I want chickens. Like, for real, I want chickens. But Collin is not on board. I’d also like a goat, but I’d settle for just chickens. But Collin still won’t budge.

I think I'm addicted to organic chocolate milk.  I have been drinking SO much lately.  I heard it was good but I was not prepared for that much deliciousness.  Speaking of milk, we've completely converted to drinking organic.  It took awhile to take the plunge, I mean, that price tag.  Ugh.  But once we finally bit the bullet and did it we haven't looked back.  It tastes THAT much better.

I need to go to bed I have a busy day tomorrow and a meeting at 7:30.

But I think I need a glass of milk first.

Cluck Cluck.  I mean, G'night!


Amy Bomstad said...

I wish you luck in all the upcoming appointments. I never knew that organic milk tasted better...i am going to have to try it sometime. I think that Keaton looks so handsome sporting his new big-boy haircut!

TeamNee said...

Milk is amazing but be careful! Too much of a good thing can give you a kidney stone! My kidney stone was made of calcium and I told the doctor that I was drinking almost 1/2 a gallon a day and she said that it may have had something to do with it! But I agree milk and living more simply makes life so much better!

Em said...

You know how much I love organic milk, and the chocolate organic milk is to die for! Man do I miss that stuff. Glad you're enjoying. :)

I love conversations like that, too...where you complete one another's sentences. ;)

I hope you can get your chickens and goat. I would LOVE to live vicariously through you.

Thinking about and praying for you guys this week. Sending lots of hugs your way!

MrsCow said...

If you find organic "Cream Line" milk, try that too. I thinks its the best. Oh, as for chickens, they are so easy to take care of. As long as you don't get a rooster, they aren't loud either. And, it would be fun for Keats, especially if you start with a few baby chicks. And the eggs are amazing!!

Praying for you this week. Keep us posted.

Kate said...

@Amy - Yes! yes, yes, yes, organic milk is SO much better! It's so hard to buy it that first time, we had it in our hands numerous times and then put it back, $3.50+ for a HALF gallon, we can't. But then we did and it was so worth it!

@Nicole - I did not know that milk can cause kidney stones. I've learned something new today. And maybe I should cut back a little on my chocolate milk intake :)

@Em - Thank you for convincing us to take the plunge, it was trying it at your house that did it for me! And thanks for the prayers.

@Kelly - I thought of you when I wrote about the chickens. I think about you every time I think about my chickens. And OMG thinking about Keaton holding a baby chick makes me want to just go get one and bring it home, Collin couldn't say no to a real live baby chick, could he?? thanks also for your prayers! PS I owe you an email...I haven't forgotten I just suck!!

Jill said...

Good luck with your appts, Kate - hugs and prayers to you and the family!