Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch-ing

On Sunday morning we met our friends Amanda & Aaron and their two little cuties at Turners to do a little pumpkin patch-ing. This was one of the items on my Fall Soul Season list.

Unfortunately Turner's didn't open until 11 am, which meant we left our house a little after 10:30 which is...oh...right about nap time.  

Both boys feel asleep on the way there and we literally had to wake Keaton up to get on the hay wagon that took us out to the patch. 

He was a little disoriented and out of sorts while we were out in the field and Hutt decided it was the biggest injustice known to man to have to ride in the Ergo so Mama was a little flustered. While I got a couple of pictures, I didn't actually get the one where Keaton picked out his pumpkin.

You know, the ONE picture I wanted! 

I did however take a second to just breath in this sight.  It's one thing to see all the pumpkins in decorative piles outside a stand; it's something entirely different to see the field in which they were grown.  I know these are just pumpkins, but it makes me think more deeply about life in general.  

When we got back from our hay ride we picked out a few more pumpkins for decorating and carving purposes.  I also bought a few mums, some gourds, a bag of potatoes, and some homemade salsa.

And of course I tried snapping those oh-so-important "pumpkin patch" pictures. 

Motherhood is teaching me that sometimes you have to just go with the flow.  Sometimes things aren't going to turn out the way you envision.  Sometimes you will not be able to get your child to smile no matter how hard you try.


After Turner's we headed back to Aaron & Amanda's for three fall essentials: chili, football, and apple crisp.  Ahhh fall....I heart you.


CaSondra Shim said...

This cracks me up- I laugh at the comment about motherhood and how you just have to go with the flow and how Keaton wouldn't smile and Hutt cryed. Yep- so true- sometimes you gotta just let go as things don't go as planned. Hope things went well at the Dr.'s today.

Kate W. said...

I like the Ergo but have you tried the Moby Wrap?? LOVE IT!! Your pictures are still so cute- you have two very cute pumpkins!

Prayers for you tomorrow!!!! Keep us posted!

Amanda said...

Thank you for a WONDERFUL day!!! It does stink that the boys were tired but I think that Keats still had fun. Can't wait until the next outing.

I'm praying for you and your procedure tomorrow. All will be OK. Love ya!

Jill said...

Maybe not the pics you wanted, but they are precious...especially of Keaton's scowl and little Hutt laying on the pumpkins...those are better than perfectly smiling pics...I LOVE it! I'll have to send you mine...ours turned out JUST about the same way! Glad you enjoyed the day...I love fall for all the same reasons!

Jill said...

Oh and I forgot to comment on that GREAT hat of Keaton's...where did you find that?!! So cool!

Kate said...

@Kate - no, I haven't tried the Moby. I want a wrap so bad but can't decide WHICH ONE. So you give the Moby 2 thumbs up?

@Jill - I can't wait to see the kids pictures! Isn't that hat adorable? A friend of mine gave it to me in a bag of clothes that her son had grown out of. It matches his new coat perfectly (the coat has a small light blue and orange line on it).

Em said...

Hehe...a great reminder to us all that these things don't always go according to plan. But your pics are adorable, anyway, and you still made a good memory! :) I also love Keats' hat...too cute! Also, that last pic of you guys...adorable! And you look awesome, hon!