Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hutter Butters Update

Hutter Butters.

Of all the nick names we could have come up with for this kid Hutter Butters seems to be the one I use the most...

We had a consult with a pediatric surgeon this afternoon to get a second opinion on Hutt's hernia.  What's that country song with the lyrics "Thank God for unanswered prayers"?  I was thinking about that song as we walked out of the Clinic's doors.  Thinking about that song as we left the building and felt the warm sun on our skins. The skies were a beautiful blue and the trees are just about peak.  It was a perfect day and everything felt right with the world.

The appointment went really, really well.  We love the surgeon and we both feel like this is where we are supposed to be.  These are the people that we want caring for our baby during surgery.  I am so thankful today that our visit with the surgeon at the local hospital didn't go well.  In fact thinking that we would have likely moved forward with surgery at the local hospital without getting a second opinion (had they been willing) made my stomach turn a bit.

That doesn't mean I'm not still nervous.  I'm really nervous.  I don't like the thought of putting him under and because of that we haven't actually scheduled the surgery.  But here's the good news, this surgeon is willing to do the surgery whenever we want. He broke it down to these facts:

1) He has a hernia.
2) It is not going to heal itself.
3) The repair will be the same whether we do it tomorrow or when he is six months.

(Also!  A big also! He acknowledge and agreed that it is causing him pain.  Finally!  Someone is listening to us!)

The only real difference between doing it now vs doing it a little later is that if Hutt is less than 52 weeks gestational age he will ask that we leave him at the hospital over night for monitoring.  He said that babies brains younger than that haven't fully developed and as a result they may experience apnea following the anesthetic. 

As for the surgery itself they will make a small incision in his abdomen to get to the hernia sac. They will have to move some veins and blood vessels (that flow to the testes) to get to the sac.  Once there they will put a couple of stitches in it to close it off.  The risk, in addition to the anesthetic, is that something would happen to the vessels carrying blood to the testes.  Of course their are risks to every surgery and although I want this fixed asap, it does still scare me.  Which is why I couldn't make the appointment today. 

Although we've only seen the hernia on the right side, the surgeon told us there is a 30% chance that he also has one on the left side.  So, while they have him under they will also make an incision on the left side to check.  If there is one, they'll fix it in one shot.  If not, at least we know.

Oh my gosh you guys, I just want to feel comfortable with all of this.  Hutt broke down almost as soon as we left the hospital and it required us to pull over and me to nurse him to settle him down.  We've just scheduled a visit with Cas & Ben in November - an 8 hour drive - I'd like this to be fixed before that, which means I need to schedule, like, now.  I'm just still scared - eventhough we got such a good feeling from this guy.  He was nice, he explained things to us, he talked and coo'ed with Hutt, it all felt right.  I know I just need to trust Him, trust that He will be with our little guy during this whole thing, trust that it will be okay.  It's just so hard.  He's my baby. But I also want him out of pain....

In other news I need to shave my legs for tomorrow's appointment.  I'm praying tomorrow also goes well.  I'm scared but at this point I just want it over with.  Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, they are very much appreciated.  I'll keep you posted on my procedure.


amanda said...

You'll know the's in your heart. Poor Hutt...I just hope he feels better soon! Lots of prayers headed your way this week! Love you lots!

Em said...

Thank you for posting this, hon. I've been thinking about you today. I'm SO happy to hear the consult with the ped. surgeon went so well. I definitely think we get those "unsure" feelings for this exact reason--He's leading your elsewhere, toward a better conclusion. Aren't you glad you followed that gut instinct? As for not scheduling today, oh man, I COMPLETELY understand that. As much as you want this fixed and Hutt to be out of pain, the fact remains that he's a little guy still...and he's your BABY! I know I would be hesitant as well if it were Lucy. As Amanda said, I also believe your heart with lead you. Just keep praying about it, and I think you'll get your tugging in the right direction.

Saying lots of prayers and hugs for you for your procedure today. Please call if you need ANYTHING! Love you, my dear!

Gail said...

Whew! Old Edna (my mom), as crazy as she may be, always said "when it's right, you'll know it in your heart." With that, I've always been one to trust in my instincts and sometimes, as a mom, that's the only thing we've got! In the end, you're the mom and you'll make the right choice - whatever it may be.

I'm so happy to hear that it went so much better with this Dr. I'm so glad to hear that this guy seemed genuinely concerned for Hutton and your concerns as well. As Edna also says "they're Doctors - not God and sometimes they forget the difference!)

I'm certainly praying for you today and of course for Hutton too!

Jill said...

I agree with everyone else - you and Collin know the situation better than anyone else because you have seen and understand what little Hutt's going through. When it's right, you'll know...and feel/believe that's the right decision.

I am so thankful this consult went better for you - what a world of a difference it makes when you have a connection with your doctor! I totally understand your hesitation, but it is comforting to know that when you do decide to make that decision, you will be in a caring, supporting environment. Lots of hugs and prayers going to you and your family!