Monday, September 20, 2010

Winds of Change

Ahh, you can feel it in the air...a new season is blowing in.  T-shirts have been replaced with fleeces; floppy sun hats with stocking caps.  There are logs burning in the fireplace and apples on the kitchen counter.  Fall is here!

With the new season upon us I felt like I needed a few changes on here as well.  You may have noticed that my Enjoying Today posts have disappeared for a couple of days.  But! they haven't gone far. Instead of making them an actual post I've made a special page for them (up there at the top) that I'll update daily.  Now, of course I say that and I have no new picture for you today.  Things were a bit chaotic when I got home this evening - it was after six before I got out of work, pushing 7 before I got home, kids were tired and not feeling the greatest and everyone was a bit needy.  Keaton just wanted Daddy to play with him and Hutton was crying as though he hadn't been fed in weeks, even though it had only been an hour and a half.  I finally took Hutt in the bedroom, sat in the glider and nursed him.  He calmed down instantly and I'm pretty sure what he really needed was just some Mommy time.  As I was sitting there, just taking him in, I thought: this is exactly what I needed at the end of the long day, some quiet bonding time.  Getting up and disrupting him to take a picture just didn't seem right. So I apologize, Enjoying Today will be back tomorrow.

While I was rearranging things I decided to write a new About page and make Soul in the Season a special feature.  I've been trying desperately to get through our vacation posts in order to wrap up my summer list and post my fall list but as September is nearing the end I'm realizing I might just need to get that list posted.  So, that will be coming this week.  What I'd love to do is have you write a list too and link to them all on the new Soul in the Season page so we can be inspired and see what everyone else is up to this season.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - we spent yesterday evening with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time.  The last time we were all together one of us was pregnant.  Now there are four little rug rats between the three of us.  It was awesome to see the toddlers play and the babies coo.  We had such a great time.  Thanks Pam & Jessica and families for coming up! 

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