Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation 2010: Wildwood Wildlife Park

On Tuesday of vacation we spent the morning at Wildwood Wildlife Park.  Some of you might remember this as the old Jim Peck's. 

Ahh, Jim Peck's...I have such awesome memories of this place from when we were little.  What I remember most distinctly were all the deer that would walk right up to you and eat out of your hands.  But I also remember petting porcupine, skunks, etc.

It's changed a bit since we were kids.  Actually, it's changed alot and reminds me more of a zoo now, but it was still fun and Keaton enjoyed himself.

Right when you walk it there are lots and lots of goats to greet you.

As is typical with goats, they get up into your personal space. 

Keaton was a little scared at first but did eventually pet them.  

In the entrance area there was a mini petting zoo with a bunch of different animals.  Unfortunately there were also alot of kids so we didn't stay long.  Looking back I wish we would have spent a little more time here.

Once we moved into the "zoo" we saw a huge assortment of animals - typical zoo animals like bear and tigers, native Wisconsin animals like wolves and bobcats, and  farm animals like chicken and sheep - just to name a few.

I think Keaton's favorite part though was the life sized Prairie Dog tunnel. 

He was way too busy running laps around it to stop and pretend he was a Prairie Dog, though.

Our final stop of the morning was in the bird house where literally thousands of birds fly free and you can feed them on popsicle sticks.
It was a great morning and it exhausted both of our little guys as they slept through lunch at Paul Bunyan's.


Kira said...

love this place, can't wait til we can take all the kids together!

Em said...

So many great pics in this post...I especially love the series of Keats in the tunnel!

BJohnsons on the Lake said...

I'm disappointed to not see the obligatory photo op under the giant Paul Bunyan's crotch. This may be my favorite restaurant on earth and always push for a trip when we hit the dells.

Kate said...

Okay Ryan, now you've got me on a wild goose chase looking for the crotch shots! What. Camera. Are. They. On???? Stick around, I'll see if I can deliver.