Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vacation 2010: A recap

Oh wow, vacation, it feels like it was so long ago. Probably because it was so long ago. It's been a month now since we went on vacation but when we got home we were in full swing baptism preparation mode and after that we were in....oh hell, I don't know what the deal was after that but it was full swing something mode, and well, then it was full swing back-to-work preparation mode.

It makes me laugh a little to go back and read this post, which I put up just before we headed out the door. See how I signed off with, "we're hoping for a nice relaxing week"?


Ha ha ha!

Our vacation was alot of things but relaxing it was not.

We finally left town around noon that afternoon, it was dreary and raining, Hutt was screaming in his car seat and my jaw was practically locked shut. It wasn't really the greatest start to the week but we weren't complaining, we were on vacation!

As we pulled down the lane to the cabin I finally sat back, drew in a big breath, and relaxed. I was so happy to be Up North. This was just what we needed.

We pulled in the driveway, got the boys and the dog out of the car and Collin was holding Hutton as he walked up to unlock the door. Before he was even in he turns around and says:

Kate. Kate. Hold this. (handing me the baby) We have problems.

I was so confused and as he opened the door I peaked in to see and hear gushing water. It looked like a fire hydrant had burst in the bathroom. And really, that was pretty much what had happened. Well, not a fire hydrant, but the pipe under the vanity. It was not what one would call a "slow leak" oh no, this was gushing. Collin heard it before he had even opened the door.

He ran around the back to shut the valve off and then we walked in to assess the damage. Thankfully it hadn't yet reached the new addition, but it was literally within feet of it. The whole main level was sopping wet, carpet, cabinets, vanity, etc, etc, ruined. It was a disaster.

I spent the next hour on the phone with my mom who then contacted the insurance company. They sent a cleaning crew out immediately and it was quickly determined that none of the flooring was salvageable (which was kinda a good thing, we needed to replace the carpet, it just wasn't on the to-do list quite yet).

Collin and I took the boys into town for dinner while the crew ripped up and disposed of the carpeting. When we returned home they had left huge fans and dehumidifiers in the cabin to dry the place out. They were so loud it sounded like a helicopter had landed right there on our living room floor. And that is no exaggeration.

We spent the next three days yelling over each other and staying there only for naps and at night. It was a huge pain, especially with a baby.

Oh, and I forgot the best part. So my parents come up first thing on Saturday and on their way their truck breaks down. Like major break down. Smoke everywhere, gushing oil, the whole bit. This vacation was full of the awesome! Collin's parents lent them their truck to make the rest of the trip North.

So basically what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned into a work vacation. It sucked because Collin and I haven't really had a "vacation" in 3 years - every time we are up there he ends up working. But, the place is looking so awesome now. Collin's parents came up at the end of the week and while us girls took the kids bumming the guys got a ton done: upstairs bathroom is now functioning and complete, the walls by the stairs have the wood siding, there is a brand new wood floor in the main level kitchen/living room/bathroom, the downstairs bathroom has a new vanity/light/mirror, ceiling has been insulated, hot water heater is in, there is new plumbing in the original building, let's see...I'm sure I'm missing something. And by the end of the month the kitchen cabinets will be replaced.

Someday, SOMEDAY, we're going to be able to go up there just to enjoy the place!

But, for as much suck as it was, when I look through our pictures I realize we did manage to sneak in a bit of fun so over the course of the next week/week and a half I'm going to work on getting some vacation pictures posted here.

I'm hoping as I work through them the bad memories will start to disappear and the good memories will slowing take their place.

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