Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vacation 2010: Ice Cream Cones

Following our morning at Wildwood and lunch at Paul Bunyan's we headed into the town of Minocqua to do a little shopping.  As soon as we got back into the car and were heading home Hutton woke up screaming, demanding to eat.  So we pulled over at Hoggie Doggies for a treat.

One of the items on my Summer Soul in the Season list was to eat an ice cream cone and let Keaton have his first very own cone.

Unfortunately, about a week before we left for vacation I cut out dairy because we were questioning whether or not Hutton had a dairy sensitivity.

But that didn't stop Keats.

While Hutt and I hung out in the car for awhile, Keaton, Collin, Grammy, and Grandpa Grizz indulged on ice cream cones.

A perfect summer treat.

There is something awesome about eating ice cream off a cone.

It always transports me right back to childhood.

I think Keaton enjoyed it too.

Hutt and I finally joined the fun for a few minutes before leaving.  I had a slushie.  It was good.

But it was no ice cream cone.

Of course no stop here would be complete without a ride on the Hoggie Doggie.


Patten Family said...

We were just up in Minoqua - how did I miss the Hoagie Doggie store? Dang.

Hope Hutton lets you eat some cow treats soon!

Em said...

These vacation posts have been awesome to read; it really makes me miss northern Wisconsin. Nice time we're up in the Yoop we may just have to plan a day trip down to Minocqua! Keaton was adorable eating his ice cream cone...I'm sorry you weren't able to partake, Mama (though I feel your pain...I miss ice cream and cheese soooo bad I could cry!). BTW, I really like the new look of the blog. You really are a blogging extraordinaire, my dear! :) Love you!

CLAREW said...

LOVING the vacation pictues!!!

Kate said...

@Sarah - Hoogie Doogies is north of Minocqua, basically at the corner of 51 and 47 (I think) - it's technically in Woodruff so if you stayed closer to downtown that's why you didn't see it.

@Em & Kelly - oh good, I'm so glad you guys are liking the vacation posts. And Em, I still think we need to meet in the UP sometime. I really want to take Collin and the boys to Mackinac.

CaSondra Shim said...

Aww- love the ice cream pics. I seriously live for your updates- love seeing pics of the babes!

Jill said...

Just precious...we have a small soft serve counter at our grocery store in town and for awhile this summer, Emma was asking if we could go for ice cream cones every night after dinner..ha! You're right, there is something about summer and kids with ice cream cones! Thanks for sharing...sounds like a fun day!