Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacation 2010: Feeding the Birds

In the cabin there is a large picture window. Although the furniture has gone through many arrangements over the years one thing remains consistent - the focal point is that window.

It's this way for a few reasons: to see the lake, to look at the trees, and, of course, to watch the birds that come and go out of the many feeders.

My Grandma loved to watch "her" birds and if a pesky squirrel got into one of the feeders she didn't hesitate to chase it out.

One of the first things my Dad does when he gets Up North and one of the last things he does before leaving is fill the bird feeders. It's for Grandma.

My brother and I know this routine and Dad no longer has to remind us to complete this task.

Every time I fill a feeder I think of her.

Unfortunately, Keaton will never get to meet my Grandma.

But I'm hoping through things like this he will get to know her.


Jill said...

Just precious...what an awesome way for Keaton to help keep her memory alive! (And oh my goodness...that last picture...he looks like Justin! I never would've though that, but it's the expression). Sorry the "vacation" was rough, but glad you were able to pull out moments like these to remember! Thanks for sharing!

Kira said...

I too have caught on to this tradition. It seems like there are quite a few of them Up north, which I'm really grateful for. Love the pictures!

CaSondra Shim said...

Aww- love the little traditions that can mean so much and that get passed down... PRECIOUS!

Em said...

I love that you do this...what a great way to remember your Grandma and have the boys learn about her. *tear*