Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hutton update

I just got back from taking Hutt to the pediatrician and based on what I was telling him he thinks it is in fact an inguinal hernia. He thought about doing an ultrasound but because the lump wasn't present this morning it wouldn't likely show up on the scan. So, if it happens again we have to take him in immediately (to the ER if it is after hours) to have an ultrasound completed. Doc said it could be on the cusp of happening or not happening and it might not happen again, or, it might now happen more frequently. I'm wondering if this isn't he first time this has happened and we just haven't caught it before because when he screams like that my instinct is to calm him down by holding him, rocking him, etc, not checking is groin area. By the time I would go change him again it's likely that the tissue had receded so we've never noticed anything before.

My poor baby. Anyone that has seen his crying fits knows that it is horrific; the look on his face, the sound of his wail, the shaking of his body. I've always known he looks like he's in pain but now I'm afraid that he actually is in pain.

But for now all we can do is wait.

In yesterday's post I forgot to mention that Collin also threw his back out yesterday. We're all just hot messes up in here!

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Em said...

Oh my goodness, poor baby! :( I was thinking the same first instinct wouldn't be to check the groin area during a crying fit, either. Keep us posted. Sorry to hear about Collin's back, too...sheesh! Hang in there, Konos. *Hugs*