Monday, September 13, 2010

Enjoying Today

When I first started my Enjoying Today posts I only intended for them to last through my maternity leave. As my leave was drawing to a close I wondered if I'd be able to keep them up and would I be setting myself up for failure saying I was going to get online and post every night? But then I also thought this is probably the time I need to do these MOST. When the grind of the everyday feels almost unbearable, that's when I need to remember to enjoy the day, enjoy my boys and their childhood.
I've recently had some requests to keep these going and over Labor Day weekend CaS taught me how to post from my phone (I know, I know, technology illiterate over here!!) and so I've decided to keep Enjoying Today a regular feature. Assuming I can get all systems ago it shouldn't be all that difficult.
So today was my first day back. I did alot of prep work yesterday to be ready this morning and getting out the door went fairly smoothly although it would have gone a whole lot better had I actually gotten out of bed when my alarm went off. Also if my baby would quit being so cute in the morning then Mama could stop taking pictures trying to capture that smile. And can I just take a second to point out his eyes. This picture is right off my phone, no editing...those baby blues are to die for. Keaton's were a similar color when he was young and have since changed so I'm soaking them up now.
The day itself actually went pretty well. I was busy which kept my mind off of being away from home. I got home at 6 tonight and played with the boys while Collin worked out and then we had dinner, baths, and finally got the kids to bed - bed time routine is something we're still trying to master. It takes forever and by 9 pm my patience is shot. GO TO BED, KID. Then we cleaned the kitchen, packed lunches for tomorrow, swept the floor and now I'm about ready to hit the sack as it is my day to exercise tomorrow (while we get back in the swing of things we're working out every other day and rotating between days) and I'm going to try to get up in the morning before work.
Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. Everyone said they didn't know what to say, but you all said exactly the right thing. Love you all!

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Jill said...

Too precious...I agree on the baby blues! What a wonderful sight to come home to after a hard-days work! Love the the's perfect for him! :) Glad your first day back went well.