Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enjoying Today

Everyone is sleeping and I'm eating lunch and jumping on the computer...I'm going to miss these days.

I have two days left until I go back to work and today I took the boys out to run errands and brought them into the office. Hutton howled the whole way there and I thought I was going to break down in tears. I called this morning to schedule his surgery and was a little surprised that I was instead scheduling a CONSULT on FRIDAY. They were talking about doing surgery while we were at the hospital on Saturday so I guess I thought that was the consult. Anyway, I'm a little frustrated and annoyed but the good news is I've heard the surgeon we are seeing is good. That puts my heart a little at peace. Timing wise this doesn't work well at all as I was supposed to be working a half day on Friday and now I assume the surgery will be sometime next week. I was hoping we'd be able to get this taken care of before I had to go back. Or, this week at least.
Anyway, I digress...
As I was packing the kids up after stopping in at work I decided to put Hutt in the car first because it was really windy and we don't have one of those car seat covers. I told Keaton "hands on the tire" so he'd stay right by me. I turned my head for 2 seconds to put Hutt in and when I looked back down Keats was gone. I spun around thinking he was behind me. No. I ran to the other side of the car. Not there either. I ran back and started yelling his name. My first thought was, Oh My God, he's going to get hit by a car, followed immediately by Oh My God, someone took him. I ran back around the car again and finally saw him, up by the front standing on the sidewalk. The whole thing probably only lasted 30 seconds but it was the longest and scariest 30 seconds of my life. I got him in his seat and got in the car and just shook. It could happen so easily.....
We followed our trip into work with a stop at Target and the grocery store. This is the first time I've taken both boys with me to run errands and overall I'm pleased with how we did. Bonus! of bringing both with me, I can't spend very much money because there isn't enough room in the cart!
I'll keep you posted on Hutt's apt. and my test results at the end of the week.


Amanda said...

Ah Associated, I miss it a little...actually I only miss you girls!!!

Em said...

Man, my heart was racing just reading that. So scary! And you're right, it can all happen in the blink of an eye.

Glad to hear your trip out with the boys went well overall...go Mama! :)

I will be anxiously waiting to hear more about your test results and Hutton's consult on Friday. Saying a lot of prayers for you guys!

Speaking of prayers, I'll also say one for you tomorrow as you return to work. I'll be thinking of you as you transition back. Hang in there, hon. *Hugs*

Rachel said...

Good luck going back to work. No fun!

My mom of too many kids tip: I also make the kids put their hands on me or my clothes, that way I can feel the second they let go. Sorry for your scare. I've been there, and it is the WORST.

Jill said...

Bummer about going back to work, but no worries...you'll get back into your routine soon, I'm sure! Good luck!

And good luck tomorrow as well when you go for the consult - I'll be thinking of you guys.

So sorry for your scare with Keaton...there's probably not a Mom reading this who hasn't had that happen. I felt bad because I always gave Ben the shaft and put the "loose" one in the car first or the other thing that works well is I have Em climb in on Ben's side and climb over to her seat. By the time she gets there, I usually have Ben buckled in and then I just buckle her on my way around. Love the Mom tips!