Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Hutton: 2 Months

Dear Hutton,

Last Saturday you turned 2 months old. We spent a lot of time away from home this month and so it feels like it has really flown by. Thinking back to when you turned one month old it feels like nothing has changed and everything has changed. I still think you are the most perfect, cutest baby around. I could spend all day long with you lounging on my chest. I love looking at your hands and feet, smelling your head, and listening to the sounds you make when you sleep. And yet, you’ve grown so much, so much in fact it has earned you a few new nicknames. You are awake for much longer stretches. You follow things with your eyes and you have definite crabby periods. All new things from last month.

Photo Credit: CaSondra Shim Photography

This month you have had many big “firsts”: your first long road trip (we drove down to Grammy & Grandpa Grizz’s in Illinois), you attended your first wedding, and you went on your first family vacation (to the cabin). Through it all you have been such a trooper; not making Mommy & Daddy pull over in the car, sleeping soundly in new places, and just generally putting up with being lugged around and transported across the state without much fuss. We thank you for that Baby Boy.

Thinking back to my favorite moments with you this month all of them have one thing in common: I’m holding you close. Whether it be a night on the couch with you snoozing on my chest, a trip to the zoo with you in the carrier, or a late-night feeding with you in bed laying beside me, what I love the most is feeling you close to me. I remember one night in particular when we were up together at 2 am, you were done feeding and had fallen back to sleep. I knew I should put you back in your bassinet but I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to put you down. And so I went against all the teaching and slept with you there on my chest. And I loved it so much. I feel the need to savor these moments because I know all too soon you will be up and running with your big brother and I’ll be begging for hugs and snuggles. I’ll be begging to feel you close.

A few days ago you made your Mama very, very happy. We were sitting at the dinner table when you became fussy so I stood up and bounced you around the dining room. I walked over to the mirror and as you were crying I held you up and talked to you. At some point you opened your eyes, saw the baby in the mirror wailing and settled down. You looked long and hard at us and then you curled your lips up and gave me your first smile. I yelled for your Daddy and he rushed over with your big brother and there the four of us sat talking into the mirror, giggling and cheering as you gave us 2, 3, 4 more smiles. I have been waiting for this milestone and it was every bit as exciting as I expected.

Earlier this week we had to take you unexpectedly into the pediatrician’s office and today we made a trip to the ER. Unfortunately we have discovered you have a hernia. It makes me so sad to think that this has been causing you pain. When we put you in your car seat you just howl and everyone that has seen it as said the same thing: something is wrong. We just didn’t know what it was. I have a feeling this position is uncomfortable for you and I’m hoping once you have surgery you will feel much, much better.

Having the hernia confirmed didn’t shock me; I had seen the bulge and immediately knew what it was. However, while we were at the doctors we placed you on the scale and result of that action is what shocked me: 10 lbs 12 oz. Holy cow, buddy, you are growing so fast! You started out smaller than your big brother, but have already surpassed him weighing in 6 ounces more than he did at your age. When I saw the numbers pop up my first thought was, Lamb Chops! I love to squeeze your little leggies now and call you Lamb Chops and by the smiles you give me I’m pretty sure you think it’s funny too. Yes, you’re weight has earned you a few nick names in the past couple of days. When I told your Daddy how much you weighed he looked at you and said: We should have named you Frank. Frank the Tank!

Photo Credit: CaSondra Shim Photography

At two months you love to be held over our forearms and as your Uncle Ben pointed out, you look just like a leopard snoozing on a tree limb. You have big blue eyes and chubby cheeks and thighs; we’ve just moved you out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month. You’re still sleeping in the bassinet, swaddled in your halo, and typically wake up about two times between 9 pm and 5 am (well, that’s if I put you back to sleep when you’re done eating, if we co-sleep it is more). When you take a bottle it is usually 4+ ounces and when you nap you prefer being on your tummy. You still hate bath time and I hate making you ride in the car. I’m scared of putting you through surgery but praying it will make you feel better.

I love you so much my little leopard and am looking forward to what next month will bring.



Tosha said...

beautiful Katie, just beautiful, you're a mommy to 2 great little boys, proud of you sweety :)

Em said...

Two months just flew by! I loved reading about Hutt and seeing the new pictures. He's changed so much in such a short time! Such a cutie pie. Happy 2 months, Hutton!