Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One of the items on my Summer Soul Season List was to go blueberry picking. The berries were ready rather early this year and the farm opened for the first pick the week we brought Hutton home from the hospital. I had to run some errands in town that day but my mom headed down and picked a bunch of berries for us. I had planned on going back later in the season to pick but one week turned into two, turned into three, and as we neared the end of the season it was obvious I wasn't going to get down there to do my own picking so I surrendered and just stopped by and bought a pre-picked box. At first I felt like this was a List failure but I realized the reason I wanted to pick the berries in the first place was simply to have fresh, local berries at home to make goodies. So even though I didn't actually pick them myself I'm satisfied that the end result was what I desired.

So, what did we do with our blueberries?

Well, we froze a bunch.

If I would have had time I would have gone back to buy even more to freeze - we've got a baby who is going to need some blueberry puree all to shortly.

I also tested out a new recipe that Busha gave me for Blueberry Kuchen. Keaton was my helper in this endeavor - it was pretty easy and turned out really good.

I also made some more jam and because I ran out of jars I put the extra in the fridge and we've already tested it out and it was a big hit. (We just opened some Strawberry jam this week and that has also received 2 thumbs up!)

You can't have blueberries without making muffins.

But I think my favorite blueberry item was this crisp. It just melted in your mouth. De-lish!

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