Thursday, September 30, 2010


And just like that!

My Little Boy...


My Big Boy!!

We paid a visit to Auntie Bea tonight and Keaton got his first haircut!  Collin is thrilled; I find it all a little bittersweet.  He looks adorable and I love it, but his curls, they're all gone. Forever! 

When we walked in and tried to put him in the chair he kicked and screamed and it was obvious THAT was not going to work.  So I bribed him with a sucker.  It did the trick.  He jumped up on the chair and looked totally content... until we tried putting the cape on him.  Then the kicking and screaming started again and we decided no cape and he can sit on my lap.  We both had hair all over us but once he was on my lap he didn't make a peep, just sucked away on his lollipop and played with his dinosaur.  By the time we were done he was a sticky mess (so was I!) and he had hair stuck to his nose, hands, shirt, well...everywhere. 

Then the funniest thing happened, he grew 5 inches and aged several months.  My little boy...he's gone!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Hutton: 3 Months

Dear Hutton,
Yesterday you turned 3 months old.  This has been such a fun month because I feel like you are exiting the “infant” stage and entering the “baby” stage, which is to say your personality is really starting to shine through.  I still believe that you are going to be a laid back little boy.  Your Daddy still thinks you are going to be just as active as your brother and I don’t doubt that but my feeling is that as you grow up and when you are an adult you will let things roll off of you pretty easily.  I think you’ll find joy in the small things.  I can see you being a family man who helps others but does so quietly.  I think you will have a big heart and a small temper.  Basically, I think you’re going to be a lot like your Grandpa Grizz and your Dad. 

I realize you are only three months old and these are big things to be predicting for such a little guy but I still can’t get over how easily you have meshed into this family and I think that has a lot to do with your general temperament.   In the middle of this month I had to return to work; I was nervous about this because it meant change.  It meant giving up our “normal” and adjusting to something new.  We are now three weeks into our new routine and although we’ve had some bumps to work out along the way for the most part this transition has been smooth.  You have adjusted just fine to spending the day with Busha  - giving her smiles and coos and oh yes, peeing on her while she changed you!

However, the one thing I have noticed in the last few days is that you will often get fussy right when I walk in the door from work, almost as soon as you hear my voice.  We’ll try everything to calm you but it seems all you want is to be nursed, even if you’ve just eaten within the hour.  I realize now that this has nothing to do with being hungry and everything to do with wanting Mommy time.  And this is fine with me.  In fact, this is more than fine, this is awesome, I love that you need me to hold you close, to snuggle you and kiss your cheeks, because it is exactly what I want to do when I come home from a day at the office.

Speaking of smiles and coos, you have been doing so much of this lately.  You love it when I trace your face, starting at your forehead and dragging my fingers down your cheeks.  Your eyes light up every time and as you smile your cheeks engulf your face.  You make this little noise that sounds like Hi! and your brother and daddy and I always say Hi! right back to you.  You’ve also been enjoying lying on your activity mat.  You kick your little feeties, wave your arms, and look intently at all the objects hanging above you.  The other day you laid like this for probably a half hour while I worked on cleaning out the closet in your nursery.  You were as content as can be; all I had to do every once in awhile was squeeze the plush little chick to play some music for you.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect.  You are still dealing with the hernia and, despite what all the doctors tell us, you are still in pain.  You are a baby, you have fussy/colicky periods where nothing we do consoles you. We understand that, that’s normal.  What’s not normal is the way you act during one of “these” episodes.  When the hernia (or whatever it is that is causing this) is bothering you you let out ear-piercing screams, you shake your head back and forth, raise your arms and tremble, you turn bright red and sweat profusely.  It is the most heart-wrenching thing to watch because this most often happens in the car and all I can do is hold your hands, whisper in your ear that it’s okay, and pray to God that it will pass.  Every time it nearly brings me to tears.  We’re taking you to a pediatric surgeon next week to get a second opinion and I’m hoping they will do something to fix this or investigate further to make sure nothing else is wrong.
At three months you have transitioned from hating bath time to tolerating bath time (we’re not quite to ‘enjoying’ yet, but I think someday you might get there). You let us know when your diaper is dirty and don’t mind being changed. You have a roll in your neck where you like to hide left-over milk (Mommy seems to always discover this when she tries to breath in your sweet baby goodness and recoils abruptly as the scent is anything but sweet and everything sour ). You wear size 0-3 mo. clothes and still eat between 4 and 4.5 ounces about every three hours. You go to bed in your bassinet around 8:30 but always seem to make your way into our bed in the wee hours of the morning. You love to be held and snuggled and your soft little body tucked up against mine makes getting up in the morning incredibly tough.

If I could I’d keep you this little for just a bit longer.  But I can’t and so instead I’ll look forward to what the next month will bring.
I love you Hutter Butters,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Corn Maze!

For those of you who read my Enjoying Today post from yesterday did you guess correctly?

Yup, yesterday Collin and I packed the boys up and headed out to a corn maze.

Neither one of us had ever been to one before and we thought Keaton might like running around all willy nilly out in the field.

We were right.

He also liked collecting little treasures like rocks, corn kernels and corn husks.

Meanwhile, Hutton hung out in the  Ergo, tucked tightly against my chest. 

After about a half hour we realized, crap, we've been out here for awhile and we're still at the beginning.  Time to get serious.  But everywhere we turned seemed to lead us in a circle or resulted in a dead end.

It was starting to get late so we decided it was time to pick Keaton up and get a move on.  Keaton was less than thrilled about this.

What do you do with a tantruming toddler in the middle of a corn field?

Why, you toss him in the air, that's what.

After 55 minutes we finally, FINALLY, made it out! 

It was lots of fun and I hope to make this an annual fall tradition.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soul in the Season: Fall 2010

Given today is the first day of fall I thought it would be appropriate for me to finally post my Fall Soul Season list.  But!  Before I do that I wanted to take a second to review my Summer list

With Hutton making his debut in June I will always have fond memories of this summer.  I loved being home with the boys - taking them for walks in the mornings, rocking them to sleep for their naps, and spending the afternoon coloring, playing in the yard, or baking.  Yes, it was a good summer.  Making it even better and more memorable were some of the things that we did off this list.

1) Eat an ice cream cone and let Keaton have his first very own cone. - As I posted last night, Keaton had his first cone!

2) Have a bonfire and make s'mores.  We also did this on vacation, post to come!

3)  Go blueberry picking. - I posted about this here. I didn't actually go picking but I did get two batches of blueberries from the farm down the road and we made lots of yummy stuff!

4)  Spend an afternoon at the beach.  When I wrote this I was thinking about a beach not far from our house.  Due to the timing of Hutt's arrival we never got down to this beach, but we did take Keaton to the beach near our cabin.  Post on this to come!

5) Make a conscious effort to buy produce locally at the various Farmer's Markets.  I think I might have done even better at this than I had anticipated.  Basically my rule this summer was this: if I can purchase it (fruit and/or veggies) at the Farmer's Market or the Co-op, then I will not buy it at the grocery store. And for the most part, I really stuck to this.  I can recall 1 or 2 instances that I didn't but I even made a trip to the market while shopping for Hutton's baptism party.  I posted about this here

6)  Have a cookout and use the outdoor serving set we got for our wedding.  We did not do this.  We did have several cookouts but I never dug out the set.  Next summer.

7) Make cheeseburgers from scratch.  Also a summer dessert.  I made cheeseburgers when we were on vacation and they were delish!  I forgot how tasty homemade burgers really were.  When I wrote the bit about a summer dessert I think I was thinking strawberry shortcake.  I didn't make that, but I did make a couple of different blueberry desserts.  My favorite was the blueberry crisp.

8)  Celebrate the 4th of July with a parade and fireworks.  We did not celebrate the 4th this year because Hutt and I were still in the NICU.  It was for the best though because it was rainy and nasty up here on the 4th, so next summer.  Next summer.


When I started working on my fall list a couple of weekends ago Collin looked over and said: but those were on your list last year!

I've contemplated whether this list needs to be new things, things not on last year's list, and I've decided no, it doesn't.  When I started this a year ago it was because I felt like the daily grind was sucking the life out of me.  The purpose of this exercise is to nourish your soul, to feel and appreciate all that the season has to offer.  So I think it's okay if some (or even all) of the items on your list are the same as the previous year, as long as those things warm your heart and feed your soul. And that leads me to my Fall 2010 list:
  • Take the boys to the apple orchard and make apple sauce, apple crisp, and apple cinnamon muffins.
  • Make caramel apples with Papa & Busha.
  • Go to the pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins.
  • Make the kids Halloween costumes.
  • Take pictures during fall colors.
  • Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and bring a batch into work.
  • Come up with an "activity" for the kids on Thanksgiving and continue our Thankful Tree tradition from last year.
  • Make Kim's Salsa Pumpkin Soup
  • Try a new kind of squash.
I'll be posting this list to the new Soul in the Season page, crossing them off as they are completed and sharing the details with you here.  I'd love to hear what all of you are doing this season.  Will you write a list?  I'll link to them on the new page so we can all be inspired.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vacation 2010: Ice Cream Cones

Following our morning at Wildwood and lunch at Paul Bunyan's we headed into the town of Minocqua to do a little shopping.  As soon as we got back into the car and were heading home Hutton woke up screaming, demanding to eat.  So we pulled over at Hoggie Doggies for a treat.

One of the items on my Summer Soul in the Season list was to eat an ice cream cone and let Keaton have his first very own cone.

Unfortunately, about a week before we left for vacation I cut out dairy because we were questioning whether or not Hutton had a dairy sensitivity.

But that didn't stop Keats.

While Hutt and I hung out in the car for awhile, Keaton, Collin, Grammy, and Grandpa Grizz indulged on ice cream cones.

A perfect summer treat.

There is something awesome about eating ice cream off a cone.

It always transports me right back to childhood.

I think Keaton enjoyed it too.

Hutt and I finally joined the fun for a few minutes before leaving.  I had a slushie.  It was good.

But it was no ice cream cone.

Of course no stop here would be complete without a ride on the Hoggie Doggie.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation 2010: Wildwood Wildlife Park

On Tuesday of vacation we spent the morning at Wildwood Wildlife Park.  Some of you might remember this as the old Jim Peck's. 

Ahh, Jim Peck's...I have such awesome memories of this place from when we were little.  What I remember most distinctly were all the deer that would walk right up to you and eat out of your hands.  But I also remember petting porcupine, skunks, etc.

It's changed a bit since we were kids.  Actually, it's changed alot and reminds me more of a zoo now, but it was still fun and Keaton enjoyed himself.

Right when you walk it there are lots and lots of goats to greet you.

As is typical with goats, they get up into your personal space. 

Keaton was a little scared at first but did eventually pet them.  

In the entrance area there was a mini petting zoo with a bunch of different animals.  Unfortunately there were also alot of kids so we didn't stay long.  Looking back I wish we would have spent a little more time here.

Once we moved into the "zoo" we saw a huge assortment of animals - typical zoo animals like bear and tigers, native Wisconsin animals like wolves and bobcats, and  farm animals like chicken and sheep - just to name a few.

I think Keaton's favorite part though was the life sized Prairie Dog tunnel. 

He was way too busy running laps around it to stop and pretend he was a Prairie Dog, though.

Our final stop of the morning was in the bird house where literally thousands of birds fly free and you can feed them on popsicle sticks.
It was a great morning and it exhausted both of our little guys as they slept through lunch at Paul Bunyan's.