Sunday, August 29, 2010

On your Baptism Day


For the past few days this house has been busy. Busy cleaning, busy getting the lawn in tip top shape, busy preparing food, and busy setting up tables decorated in blue and white. All of this work and this afternoon’s house full of family and friends was in honor of you my little man, as today you were baptized.

We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. We took the baptism class through church in March and set the official date in June, all before you even arrived. Yesterday, as I was busy making the grocery list a lady from a local church stopped by our house prophesying and handing our literature. As I stood at the door she asked me why I thought bad things happen in this world and I went completely blank. I couldn’t form a coherent thought and all I wanted to do was shout out, my son is being baptized tomorrow!!
Our faith is very important to your Daddy and me. As parents there are many things we hope for you and your brother, we hope that you will be kind and gentle with your words, not only to your loved ones but, maybe more importantly, to those that you don’t know. We hope you will work hard and that your persistence will result in great achievements. In those achievements, we hope you will be humble. We hope that you will know that the greatest treasures in life are family and friends, not material things. And maybe most of all, we hope that your faith will be an integral part of your life; that you will turn to God when you need strength and give him glory when you are blessed.

Today was the start of your faith journey and through the years I pray that this journey will be a wonderful one for you.

I believe God was looking down on you and smiling today as he blessed us with a gorgeous day for a party. We left early this morning for church so that we had enough time to get you dressed in Bender Family baptismal gown. This gown never fails to turn heads as it is over 100 years old. You are the 14th family member to be baptized in this gown that was originally made for your Great Great Grandpa. The Great Great Grandpa that also happens to be your namesake:
Great Great Grandpa Harold Hutton-1889
Great Grandma Phyllis (Hutton) Bender-1919
Great Aunt Cynthia -1949
Great Aunt Candy -1955
Great Uncle Bryan -1958
Cousin Andrea -1973
Cousin MaLinda -1974
Mother Kate -1980
Cousin Emma -2002
Cousin Caden -2004
Cousin Mason -2008
Brother Keaton – 2009
Cousin Jackson – 2009
You (Hutton) - 2010

You did beautifully during mass, not making a peep. Following mass, when the baptism ceremony takes place, you did fine. When Father poured the water over your head you fussed a little and because of it Father took a little longer patting your head dry, which left extra time for pictures (good job, buddy!!). It wasn’t until we were all standing up front when Father anoints you with oil and your Godparents, Auntie Jenny and Uncle Matt, get your baptism cloth and the light of Christ that you lost it. You screamed, and screamed, and screamed. I know Father was saying something but I’m not sure what it was as I was trying really hard to quiet you. It was 2 to 3 minutes into the scream fest that you pooped and then you settled down. Unfortunately, you were screaming and pushing so hard that the force of the crying pushed the poop out your diaper and onto the gown. The gown that100+ years old. Before you were born I thought you were going to be a spitfire, but then you were so calm that first month that I thought my instinct was wrong. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wrong, I’m pretty sure you will be a spitfire, a spitfire that poops on the family baptismal gown.

The rest of the afternoon was spent celebrating with family and friends. You were held and snuggled all afternoon and you loved every second of it, waking up only to be fed every couple of hours. You are so loved little boy, not only by us but by so many people, and most importantly, by God.

Although you won’t remember this day I hope that you will look back at these pictures and this letter and know that it was special.

We love you,
Mommy & Daddy


Em said...

Oh is he ever adorable in that gown! (Speaking of which, I hope you got it clean!). Looks like a wonderful celebration wish we could've been there.

BTW, 1889? That is amazing!

Gail said...

Awesome Kate! Just Awesome!

amanda said...

It was a beautiful day! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. It's going to be a rough week without someone to cuddle with!

Katharine said...

Congratulations Hutton!

And Kate - stop making me cry at work! Such a lovely post. I love the history of the gown.

Congratulations to your whole lovely family!

MaLinda & Alex said...

Congratulations. Sorry we weren't able to be there. ..I'm sure my mom was on top of the poop stain!

MaLinda & Alex

Jill said...

Just beautiful - so glad you had such a lovely day! And so sorry we weren't able to make it.