Friday, August 13, 2010

Enjoying Today


This post should have gone up last night but I was too busy, STILL PACKING, at midnight to come sit at the computer.

We didn't do anything overly fun yesterday as it was spent getting ready for vacation - but who can resist squishy baby bathtub pictures?

We intended to leave last night but due to the aforementioned PACKING we decided to wait till morning. And wouldn't you know now we are under severe storms, which doesn't bode well with hauling a trailer. So we waiting it out a bit and hope to get on the road shortly.

We have lots planned for the week at the cabin - a trip to the old Jim Peck's in Minouqua, lunch at Paul Bunyan's, kayaking, lots of walks, swimming at the beach, etc. I'm hoping for a nice relaxing week and wishing you one as well!


CaSondra Shim said...

Aww- sweet baby Hutt! Have a blast on vacay!

Em said...

Oooh...I really like your baby bather thingy. What kind is that? We don't particularly like the one we have for Lucy right now. And you're right--I really can't resist squishy baby bath time pics!