Monday, August 9, 2010

Enjoying Today

Today we enjoyed fresh green beans from Grammy's garden.

We had a good weekend spent with family and friends. We drove down to Illinois on Friday and 10 minutes after arriving at my parents house my mom and I packed up and headed to our pedicure appointments. I needed one so desperately and it was so nice to sit and relax for a half hour or so.
On Saturday we went to the wedding of our friends, Meg & Jeremy, which was beautiful and lots of fun. We got to see people that we haven't seen in awhile and it is always good to catch up.
We packed up Sunday morning and headed to Rockford for a cookout with my extended family to celebrate the Bender August birthdays: Grandpa (91), Uncle Bryan, Kylee (Sweet 16), and my Dad. It was a good afternoon.
We finally got home late last night and I have 8 million things on my mind and to do before we leave for vacation on Thursday. So naturally I fired up the computer and started searching for ideas for the boys Halloween costumes, you know, because THAT needed to be done!
I'm hoping for a productive week so that next week I can sit back and relax at the cabin. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a good start to the week.

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Jill said...

This is why I love you...8 million things on the to-do list and you're looking for Halloween costumes...SO something I would do as well!! Glad you had a nice weekend!