Monday, August 2, 2010


30 years ago these cars were played with and loved by a certain little boy. He'd line them up, make them go vroom, put them in their case, and carry them to bed.
They made him smile.

Today that little boy is all grown up and in his place his son is lining them up, making them go vroom, putting them in their case, and carrying them to bed.
He watches him and smiles.


Katharine said...

So sweet! I love the picture posts lately, what a great idea.

Also - in an odd coincidence, Alex's grandmother just got back from a trip and brought back Jason's micromachines from his childhood - he showed me one that he took to kindergarten show and tell. Alex doesn't put toys in his mouth so we let him play with them for a bit (admittedly against my better judgment) - it was a pretty big moment for Jason, I think.

I am pretty sure none of my childhood toys survived, unfortunately.

CLAREW said...

Unbelievably sweet!!! I can't imagine saving Andrews toys for 30 years!!!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW- I love this post- it makes me cry with happiness! CAS