Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Behind the Name: Hutton Andrew

As I mentioned in Keaton’s Behind the Name post, for several years Collin and I have had four names picked out for future potential children: 2 boy names and 2 girl names (if we ever have another boy we’re going to be in big trouble as our boy names have now been exhausted and we can not agree on a third boy name!) Several people know where Hutton’s name came from but only a couple know the full story. In fact, Collin doesn’t even know the FULL story. Why? Because the full story starts with Britney Spears and Collin H.A.T.E.S. Britney Spears.

Do you remember back in 2006 when Britney had her second son and there was a rumor that she had named him Sutton Pierce? That’s where this story begins….

I remember driving home from work one evening when the report came on the radio that Britney’s second son had been born and the name was announced. I remember repeating the name to myself as I pulled off the interstate onto Hwy J, Sutton. Sutton. I like that. And then instantly I thought: Wait! Hutton!

See my Grandma’s name was Phyllis Bender but before she became a Bender she was Phyllis Hutton. Hutton was her maiden name.

I instantly fell in love with the idea of naming a son after my Grandma but of course I had to run the choice by Collin, who is very opinionated when it comes to names. Thankfully he also loved it. And so it was, if we had a second son his name would be Hutton.

Because the name is different/unique/whatever word you’d like to use here, we decided we needed a more normal/traditional/whatever word you’d like to use here middle name. Andrew was an easy choice as it is also Collin’s middle name.

And just like that our second son’s name was decided upon: Hutton Andrew.

Cut to the first week of December of last year, shortly after we had gotten the positive pregnancy test….

We were on our way home from cutting down our Christmas tree when I started talking to Collin about names. And by talking I mean suggesting we change the boy’s name. I still wanted to use Hutton but I was lobbying for it to be in the middle name slot. I ran a couple of possibilities by Collin and he instantly vetoed them. He was adamant that if it was a boy the baby’s name would remain Hutton. He really wanted the nickname Hutt.

As I was making these suggestions I can only imagine that God was up there looking down me, slapping his head and saying, no, no, no, woman! Hutton. The name is Hutton!

This might be a little too much information for some people and for that I apologize, but when I think of my Grandma and I think of my son I realize there was a higher power at work here. See, Hutton was conceived within one day of the anniversary of my Grandma’s death (Nov. 11th) – if that’s not the circle of life I’m not sure what is. To make it even more special his due date was August 5th, which is also my Grandpa Bender’s (the love of Grandma’s life) birthday.

I believe God knew what he was doing when he sent us a little boy. This is a very special boy with a very special name, Hutton Andrew.


Anonymous said...

Makes complete sense and yes- crazy how it all comes together! I love the name Hutton Andrew! CAS

Patten Family said...

What a sweet story:) I am glad I finally know the reason why.