Saturday, July 17, 2010


On Father's Day weekend in between church and our celebration at Papa & Busha's we ran out to Turner's to get some strawberries. I wish we could have picked our own but being 30+ weeks pregnant and beginning the downward slope of "the miserable" that would just not have been an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.

So instead we just picked up this pre-picked 10-lb box.

As soon as I picked it up the sweet smell of berries hit my nose and I wanted to dig in right there. Okay, we might have dug in for one or two - I mean, Keaton wanted one!

After bringing them home I had to figure out what I wanted to do with them. We topped pancakes with a bunch of them - that seems to be the preferred method of eating strawberries in this house - and I froze a ton for use in the fall and winter.

Then, after seeing Amanda's Facebook update that she had made strawberry jam I decided to also give that a try. It was super easy and I'm hoping that it tastes good.

With the last of the berries we made smoothies, which were delish.



this guy.


Em said...

This post literally made my mouth water...YUM! :)

Anonymous said...

K is so funny! He makes me laugh! Beautiful pics! CAS

CLAREW said...

You're always having such fun family time!!!