Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 6: Bath Time!

So, I hear it's the 4th of July?! I'm completely loosing track of the days in here. Yesterday I said to my mom, it is Saturday, right?

Things are going really good today. Hutton's feedings have improved drastically in the past 24 hours. Yesterday I took Keaton to play while Collin sat with Hutt. He got to hold him for over an hour and also do a bottle feeding. They needed that bonding time. He ate so well that it was determined he no longer needs to hit a minimum ml with each feeding. Instead we're just letting him eat what he wants and watching over a period of time to make sure that he's getting enough. Most feedings now though are in the 40 ml range, all on his own!!

Remember when I told you guys that I thought this one was going to be a spitfire? This morning when I woke up the nurse says to me, well, he pulled his NG tube out. I found it laying in the crib with him this morning. I think he might just be a spitfire :) I guess he figured if we weren't going to get rid of it then he'd take matters into his own hands. Instead of replacing it we decided to just see what he did today and he's done perfectly, all feedings have been by breast or bottle (Daddy got to do another one this afternoon); as of today he weights 5 lbs 4 oz. And because he hasn't been having any Brady/Destats during feedings a couple of my nurses have also disconnected all the wires while we've been breastfeeding. His leads still hang from his body but it is so much easier to maneuver and snuggle him when there are no wires attached.

The cruddy news is that his bili counts, although they have continued to drop, aren't coming down quick enough so today instead of the spotlight he was switched to an overhead light. This one covers the entire isolette; it's as if he is in a little spaceship.

Hutton's big adventure of the day was getting his first bath. He had been wiped down pretty good after birth but had never actually been placed in the tub. He did so good - didn't cry at all until we took him out and were trying to get him dried off and lotioned up. It was so awesome to see him with no cords attached to his body. When I got him all swaddled up in his towel with only his little face peeking out I wanted to just hold him in my arms forever.

Collin and Keaters came up this afternoon and while Daddy sat with Hutton Keaton and I went shopping at Target. I bought him some animal crackers and lemonade from the food court thingy and we just meandered through the store playing hide and seek with his nuk and pulling clothes off the hangers - both of which brought great joy. I came back and picked Collin up and we all went out for dinner. This has been our routine the past few days and I hate that it is beginning to feel normal. Tonight Keaton and I shared an ice cream sundae and I let him dip his hands in the cup and eat spoonfuls of whipped cream. I know I probably shouldn't allow this but it is so hard being away from him that when we are together I just don't care what he does, if he wants to make a mess, make a mess, life is too short to worry about it.

(These animals line the walkway to the NICU)

The hardest part of my day is when we pull up into the circle drive, I grab my bags and go to the backseat to kiss Keaton goodbye. I can not do this without tears. Then I walk up to the NICU entrance and look back to see our black SUV driving away. I absolutely hate it. I miss being home so much. I can not wait until all this is over and we are together as a family again.


Gail said...

I think of you often and I'm so happy to hear that Hutton is improving everyday (yes, I'm checking here everyday) - seems to me he's pretty determined kinda like his Momma...

I know this new 'routine' is hard, probably one of the hardest things you've been through but, it'll be over soon and your family of 4 will be home together before you know it. And then you can make new and better routines.

Hutton looks really good Kate. As perfect as they come. I think he just might be a spitfire - Oh Lord! Watch out! :)

Kira said...

That first picture is just priceless Kate. You can just see how at peace and happy Hutt is to be away from all those wires and getting his bath!

You are so right about letting Keat make a mess, I agree, sometimes we just take life to seriously, it's nice to just sit back and soak up those moments!

CLAREW said...

Hes so precious, We're so glad he's doing better! We are thinking of you guys - hope you will all be home soon.

Jill said...

These pictures are priceless! Thanks so much for sharing them! In the open eyes bath pic, Andy and I both think he looks like Collin...yeah...he can claim Hutton! (There is no denying Keaton has Bender blood! :) )