Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 5: Hutton Update

Hutton's IV fell out yesterday afternoon and instead of replacing it the doctor gave us the go ahead to increase his feedings - if he could tolerate the increase than no more iv. So far, so good! Which is great, one less wire/contraption for the little guy.

I think I talked about this a couple of days ago but when we first started supplementing feedings I believe it was under the assumption that he wasn't getting any breast milk (even though we were breastfeeding) so his supplements were 10 ml. Then they were stepped up to 15 ml. When my milk came in and it became obvious that he was getting breast milk they started weighing him before and after each feeding to determine how much he ate and then the supplement was just the difference. After his iv came out yesterday his feedings were stepped up to 25 ml and this morning to 30 ml. To determine if he is tolerating the increase they pull back the fluid in his stomach through his NG tube before a feeding to make sure there isn't much left - which indicates he is digesting it. And like I said, so far, so good.

He had 3 awesome feedings in a row this morning, 26 ml, 30 ml, and 33 ml, which meant no supplement for the latter two. His most recent feeding he was just too pooped out though and he only took 6 ml.

The doctor came in to check him this morning and confirmed again that the heart murmur is gone and so he said he's free to chug-a-lug - no restriction on how much he eats when at the breast (so, we still need a min. of 30 ml but if he takes more that's good).

The bad news is his bili counts didn't come down much from yesterday so he is still under the spotlight. Right now I'm just praying we can get these counts to come down. The jaundice wears him out so as it improves he will hopefully be more alert to eat and then we can start transitioning to all feedings through the mouth. Additionally, if we can get him out from under the light he might be able to come out from the isolette and be just in the crib. Once that happens then we need to determine he is maintaining his own body temperature. So it's one step at a time, day-by-day.

This afternoon Collin is going to bring the Stink up and I'm going to take him over to Justin & Kira's to play with Jack while Collin sits with Hutt. We're thinking we'll try a bottle feeding this afternoon just to see if Hutton can handle it. We tried it a couple of days ago but because he is a premie he forgets that he needs to stop and breath when at the bottle (he doesn't have this issue at the breast) the thought of it asphyxiating his lungs made me nervous to bottle feed myself and because the NG tube is obviously less work for him we switch to that route, but we're hoping now that he is a couple of days older and a little stronger maybe the bottle will work this time. I'm a tad bit nervous about nipple confusion but he is doing so good at latching and sucking when we breastfeed that I'm hoping it will go okay. The other thing working in my favor is my let down and flow is pretty fast so I think that helps in this situation because he gets pretty much instant gratification from the breast, much like a bottle.

In other news, my nurse turned down the heat a little in our room this morning which was awesome! I had gotten pretty used to it but it basically felt like a sauna in here. I've been showering twice a day because I feel like I stink so bad. Related: I keep asking Collin to bring more t-shirts, more t-shirts!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!


Kristin C. said...

Go Hutt, Go!

You guys are making great progress! Like you said, one step at time.


Jill said...

That's awesome...such a great update for the weekend! Glad you get some Keaton time this weekend...I'm sure you'll both love it! Thinking and praying for you guys!