Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 4: Update from NICU rounds

I'm sorry I don't have any new pictures to share this morning. With Hutt in his isolette under the lights there's not much opportunity to get good shots. In lieu of new Hutton pics would you like to see the pregnancy pictures we had taken on Father's Day?

Collin's sister, CaSondra, surprised us with a visit from Indy on Father's Day. It was so great to see her and spend some time catching up and as an extra special treat she agreed to do our maternity photo shoot. I am so happy with the results. She even got a couple of adorable ones of Keaton so I can cancel his 18 mo apt. that was scheduled for this Saturday. Click here to see some highlights.

Okay, an update from rounds this morning....

The good: The fluid restriction yesterday did the trick and the PDA, which they believe was causing the heart murmur, has closed and the murmur is gone!!

The bad: Bili counts went up to 9.8 (or something close to that) today despite being under the lights yesterday. We were hoping these counts would go down. I'm afraid we might have had him out too much yesterday - I held him for another 2 hours last night. So today his time out of the isolette will be limited. If he is sleeping during feeding time we'll probably just feed through the NG tube rather than take him out from under the lights.

The plan for today: When we do have him out we'll work on feedings as much as possible as he needs to be able to take all feedings through the mouth (either by breast or bottle) before discharge.

Overall he is still doing well. He's sleeping peacefully right now. He seems to do this easily during the day, it's the hours between 1 and 3 am that he is restless. Last night between 2 and 3 he could not settle down, he kept grabbing his glasses and losing his nuk and he was not a happy boy. I'd lay down for 5 min, just start to doze off, and he'd scream again. Poor baby. It's times like these that are rough as I can't pick him up and snuggle him; I have to just stick my hands through the portholes, grab his little fingers and try to shush him back to sleep.

On the Mama front, I'm also doing good. I didn't write about it at the time, but after having Keaton I had the baby blues pretty bad. I was fully expecting it to happen again and when the tears hit on Wednesday I thought, oh shit, here it comes. Thankfully I think those tears were more sleep deprivation than anything as I have felt 100% better yesterday and today. The thing that does still get me teary is the thought that I haven't put Keaton to bed for 5 days now - that brings tears to my eyes. I know in the grand scheme of things we'll both be fine; I just miss his little face.

In TMI news I am shocked at how easy the recovery has been this time. I'm really only bleeding when I breastfeed/pump, at other times I could use a liner and get by just fine. I would like to know though why these stool softners aren't, you know, softening the stools? Good God, I just birthed a baby, I'm not really interested in birthing one out my butt too.

On that note...have a good afternoon! I might try to write Hutt's birth story today if I get a chance.


Em said...

So happy to hear the heart murmur is gone...that's great news! Sorry to hear his bili counts are up a bit; I hope having him out a little less will help with that. Good to hear that you're feeling in better spirits overall and recovery has been relatively easy. Those stool softeners...ugh. After I had Lucy I had to resort to the prune juice to finally get things moving. As someone who had never really struggled with that sort of thing, it was absolutely MISERABLE not being able to, ahem, get that done. And with being so sore from the C-section, pushing was difficult at best. Here's hoping you get some relief soon! Thank you for keeping us posted with everything. Still many prayers for your family are being said!

Jill said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going better...don't worry, you'll have him out and be able to snuggle soon, which will be a relief for you both, I'm sure!

As for the TMI section...that's like the Mother's section :) No worries, anyone who has gone through it is not grossed out and can TOTALLY relate! :) I used whole grain/multi-grain toast/crackers to get things moving. Anything with lots of fiber will help. Good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.