Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around the House: The Nursery

Sam has recently written some "around the house" posts and I loved peeking in her house so much that I thought I take you on a tour of our home. I decided to start with the Nursery or the room now know as "Keaton's room" and in the future will be known as "the boy's room." The first set of pictures are the "before" shots (although, technically not the original "before" as there used to be a book shelf under the window by his dresser but once Keaton started walking and getting into things it was clear this had to go. He was constantly clearing the books and trying to climb up on it to look out the window. The shelf now holds our shoes in the mud room.) and our recent changes are found at the end.
This is the view from the door.

And a close-up of the dresser and changer.
Above the changer hangs Keaton's newborn pictures hung from a curtain rod. I got this idea from a friend of Collin's sister who displayed pictures this way in her son's room. I loved the idea so much we did it ourselves. Please ignore the fact that the pictures are a little crooked. It adds character, right? Right?
On the left side of Keaton's dresser is a the poem "If a Child" displayed in a frame. My aunts had this displayed at my family shower and let me keep it afterwards. They even had it printed in green and brown to match the room. The figurine on the left was from my mom and is an angel holding a baby. The candle was also from my family shower and says "Here is a candle that glows so bright given to you for you to light when Baby Kono has come to stay to celebrate the joyous day." And the Willow Tree figurine was given to us by Kira & Justin following Keaton's birth.

The right side of the dresser has a "God Bless this baby" frame that holds Keat's 3-,6-,9-, and 12-mo pictures. Keaton received this from Em & Drew for his baptism. Behind it sits a personalized growth chart given to him by Kira & Justin for his 1st birthday. I'm scared to actually hang it on the wall because, well, let's just say Keaton is all boy and I worry about it getting damaged. Trust me though, it is really, really cool. The baseball is from his first ballgame and the piggy bank is engraved with his name and baptism date and was given to him for his baptism by Kira & Justin.

Below his dresser sits this book holder. I received this from my mom's friends at my Earlville shower. They stenciled the saying on it and filled it with books for the baby.

On the opposite wall of his dresser/changer is the crib and glider.

The paintings were drawn by the very talented, Geri. When I was trying to decide how to decorate the nursery we had a couple of ideas floating around and then it hit me, I want paintings to match our crib bedding. I instantly thought of Geri and asked her if she'd be willing to do it at my shower. Thankfully she was because these totally completed the nursery for me. She drew these free hand. Can you even imagine?? As someone who has issues drawing a stick person I can not. (Geri, my mom still has a thank you gift for you and I keep asking if she's given it to you yet and she keeps telling me you guys need to still meet for lunch. You guys need to meet for lunch!! :) )

The valances also match the crib bedding. That dang valance makes me all twitchy looking at it. I asked Collin to fix it for me so I could retake the picture but the look I got from him told me I was being anal.
From one of the curtain hooks hangs Keaton's drum that CaS and Ben brought him back from their trip to Africa. We hang it here to be sure a certain dog doesn't get ahold of it. I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to as one of Keaton's past times his chasing after her while banging on it.
If we move back to the lamp by the glider for a second, here hangs a cross given to Keaton for his baptism from Gail. Ever since he was young Keaton loved to play with this during our nighttime routine. He'd climb up on me as far as he could just to touch it.
Looking diagonal from the glider is the closet.
From the closet handle hangs our "due date" ornament given to us by Jill as a shower gift.
The shelf below the window holds puppets and stuffed animals. I picked it up for this picture but lets be honest, it typically looks more like this....
Looking diagonal from the dresser is the door.
The shelf to the right of the closet holds random toys including the peacock Keaton got at his first trip to the zoo.

Oh wait, you can't see the shelf because SOMEONE KEEPS STICKING HIS FACE IN THE CAMERA!
Here. Here's the shelf.

Above the shelf and on the wall when you walk in the room are pictures.

One of Keaton and Justin & Kira, his Godparents, at his baptism.

And on this wall another of his newborn pictures as well as one with us and Father from his baptism.

That's the end of the "before" pictures but of course this photo shoot would not be complete without a certain little boy you needs to say "Cheeese!!".

Before Hutton's birth we made two big changes to the nursery.
1: We moved the glider into our room and replaced it with this bookshelf/cube thingy.

Those cubes are lifesavers. One contains foam building blocks, another wooden blocks, and a third cars. I think the fourth is still empty. It makes clean-up time so, so much easier.

Oh, let us pause for a second as someone would like to make another guest appearance.

Okay, let's continue.
2: We also moved the changer into our room and moved Keaton's toy box (which used to be housed in the living room and OMG we can't fit another damn thing in our living room!) into his room.
Collin was contracted by Santa this year to build this toy box. He did such an awesome job. It's on wheels so we can easily move it from room to room and, maybe my favorite part, he added an engraved block of wood with Keaton's initials. We plan on making one for each child.

And that's the nursery.

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Em said...

Your nursery is so pretty, Kate. I never saw how Geri's prints turned out...they're beautiful! What talent. And speaking of talent, the toybox Collin made for Keaton for Christmas is amazing. How awesome that each of your kids will have their own!