Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soul in the Season: Summer 2010

I'm going to tell you something and after you read it some of you will question how we can be friends.

I don't love summer.

In fact, there are some years that I'd say I don't even like summer.

It's humid and I'm sticky and my hair is frizzy and I hate wearing shorts so I'm usually overheated. But that's not even the thing that gets me the most. The reason I usually dread summer is because our schedule is typically so busy that between the months of June and August we're lucky if we have 2 or 3 weekends open. The constant traveling and plans (though I'm usually the one that makes them) wears me out. For the past few years I have to admit, I kinda dread this season.

It's too bad really, as I sit here typing this my Mom is putting Keaton to bed, Collin is resting next to me and the dog is sleeping on the floor and it is quiet in the living room. The only sound I hear are the wind chimes signing a tune outside. It's simple things like wind chimes blowing in the breeze, fresh watermelon cut up on the table, and the warmth of the sun on your arms as you lounge outside reading a book that make summer so spectacular. It's the simple things that I tend to forget about (or take for granted) as we bustle from one engagement to the next.

This year is different though, because of the new baby our schedule is pretty wide open for the next couple of months and for once I'm actually looking forward to this season. I know we'll still be busy but this year I want to make an effort to enjoy the little things that make summer so special.

  • Eat an ice cream cone and let Keaton have his first very own cone.
  • Have a bonfire and make s'mores.
  • Go blueberry picking.
  • Spend an afternoon at the beach.
  • Make a conscious effort to buy produce locally at the various Farmer's Markets.
  • Have a cookout and use the outdoor serving set we got for our wedding.
  • Make cheeseburgers from scratch. Also make a summer dessert.
  • Celebrate the 4th of July with a parade and fireworks.


I like ice cream, but when we stop for a treat I tend to get some sort of flurry or ice cream in a dish. I'm not sure why because when I eat ice cream on a cone I'm instantly taken back to the summers of my youth. There is something really awesome about eating ice cream this way and I'm looking forward introducing Keaton to the novelty.

We live 0.9 miles from a blueberry patch....farm...what would you call it? Blueberry picking place. For the past three years I've been meaning to get down there and for the past three years the season has come and gone and I have yet to pick blueberries. This year I'm doing it.

I was hoping to plant a garden this year, but with June halfway over and the next few weekends not looking promising to be able to get it in I'm afraid it isn't going to happen. If I can't grow my own veggies then I'm going to make a conscious effort to not buy produce at the grocery store for the season. One of the awesome things about where we live is that we have Farmer's Markets galore at our disposal. Every single day downtown the market is open and on weekends the little square is pretty full. Between that and the Co-op, which also sells local goods, this shouldn't be too difficult, it will just take a little more planning on my part.

Five years ago as Collin and I were registering for wedding gifts I insisted on registering for this set of outdoor serve ware. Plates, glasses, bowls, etc, etc, we have it all. Collin thought I was nuts, we'd never use it, but I assured him that we would. EVERYONE needs serve ware for their cookouts. Turns out in five years the set has not once seen the light of day. That is going to change this summer!

What things do you want to do this year to make the season special?


Gail said...

It seems like as soon as spring comes, I start thinking about summer - I also do not like summer! I hate hot. I hate sticky. I hate shorts. I hate swimsuits. I hate sweating. I hate mosquitoes.

That said, I do love fresh veggies, farmer's markets, watermelon, sunflowers and corn on the cob - If I could have all of that while comfy in my sweatshirts, it would be pretty dumb close to perfection!

I do have to say that there are a few special classic summertime things that we do enjoy. Fireworks, popsicles on the front porch in the evening, our pool and soon walking and playing in the water with our new puppy. We've lightened our schedule too and hope to fit in a lot more of these things.

I'll also be singing the praises of air conditioning! :)

Em said...

A lot of these things are on my "list" this summer as well. Of course, I can't eat ice cream right now, so the ice cream cone thing is out. And Lucy can't have it yet, so maybe that'll have to wait a year. :)

I'm planning to hit the local farmer's markets again this year (and buying grass-fed beef from a local farmer to make those cheeseburgers out of), having a bonfire and making s'mores when my family visits around the 4th of July (we're building a fire pit in our backyard!), and spending time at the beach (we really have no excuse not to, with Lake Michigan right there). I'd love to go blueberry picking someday, too. There are places nearby that I look longingly at as I drive by. :)

I'm also hoping to visit the Meijer Gardens, go to a Whitecaps baseball game, walk out on the Grand Haven lighthouse pier, and finish that weeding/mulching/planting/transplanting in the yard and adding some color on the deck with some containers of annuals.

Jill said...

All great things! I'm with Ember, the ice cream thing is out...we frequent the local soft serve place in town at least once a week! Emma loves it (and Andy thought it was a great idea until she dumped her cone on the backseat last weekend...but I'm trying to get him to forget that!)

The Farmers Markets are on our list, although we have to stick to the produce...we can't betray the family meat business!! :)

More pool time outside is on my list - both the complex pool and our little blow up for the yard...the kids adore it, so it's just laziness that I don't get it out...a must-do this summer!

We planted carrots and green beans in pots, cause we haven't settled the argument about where to start a garden! But again, must-do for the end of the summer is buy fresh sweetcorn from DelMonte in Mendota..just oodles of deliciousness for so so reasonable! And last year I had intentions of making it to freeze, but didn't get to it, so I need to do that too!

And probably last, but certainly not least, I couldn't resist myself when I was in the store the other day and saw a little bug catching box for kids. So I got one for each of them and one night I'd like to keep them up late and catch fireflies after dark!

Kate said...

I LOVED reading about all your summer plans. As I was reading these comments I kept finding myself going, ooh, ooh, I wanna do that too!!