Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a really lovely Mother's Day weekend. The celebration kicked off for me on Friday night when I came home from work and Collin and Keaton surprised me with an Azalea plant (from Collin) and two Oriental Lilies (one from each of the kids).

On Thursday Busha had taken Keaton to the Children's Museum in town where he made me a necklace. She wrapped it up with some pictures of Keats at the museum and wrote me a letter from Keaton all about his first day at the museum. It was so sweet it made me cry. She also gave me some pictures from the baby from our ultrasound day! That night as Collin was watching the news he looked up just in time to catch Keaton on a special Mother's Day clip from the museum. Papa and Busha also got to see it on Sunday when they replayed it. I missed it both times so tonight I went online and finally found the clip. Keaton sat on my lap and we watched it more than once. You can see it here. That's Keaton on the cover of the video. He shows up again around second 35 and then again at the very end. He was the youngest kid there but based on the pictures and letter I got, he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

On Saturday we packed up the car and headed down to Milwaukee for the weekend. We celebrated C's 6th birthday that afternoon. The weather was iffy on and off all day but stayed okay long enough for the kids to spend some time outside and for the boys (even the big boys) to test out his new basketball hoop.

That evening we headed over to our hotel and had pizza before retiring to the room for the night. Staying in a hotel the day before Mother's Day was the best idea ever. I slept like a baby with all those comfy pillows surrounding me. I woke up Sunday morning feeling the best I'd felt in awhile.

On Sunday my Dad drove up from Illinois (my mom stayed at the hotel with us) and the five us plus my cousins, Andrea & Clint, and their kids and my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dougal spent the afternoon at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was Keaton's first trip and he loved it! He laughed as he watched the monkeys swing around, pointed out the snow leopard, chased the fish in the aquatic house, and mimicked the sound of the peacocks.

I was planning on having this post be all about our Mother's Day at the zoo but guess who forgot her camera??? Of course! Thankfully my parents had one so hopefully I'll get a copy of all the pictures soon. It was a wonderful afternoon. A perfect Mother's Day with my family and before we left my Godson, M., gave me three gorgeous gerbera daisies.

We ended the evening with dinner at Papa & Busha's, complete with Mother's Day ice cream sundaes. When we got home I noticed that on Sunday one of my lilies had opened up, while the other one was still closed. I thought that was especially fitting for the day; one baby in full bloom, the other still getting ready.

I look at my son and feel the baby and know I am so blessed. I hope all you mothers and mothers-to-be had a wonderful day. And like always my thoughts and prayers are especially with those still awaiting their blessings. Happy Mother's Day!


Em said...

I love all the beautiful plants/flowers you received for Mother's Day. The idea of a lily from each of the kids is so sweet. (So neat that one was budding and one was still closed, too! How fitting!) I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. :) Hope everyone's feeling better!

Jill said...

What a lovely post! Glad you had a great day, Mama!