Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

We were outside this afternoon when I remembered that it was May Day. I turned to Collin and asked, "do you know what you're supposed to do on May Day?"

Hopeful, he answered, "have sex?"

Ummmm....actually I was talking about May baskets.

Did you guys ever make these? I remember doing this as a kid at our babysitters (Jill's Mom!). Jill, Gwen, and I would pick flowers, lily of the valley I think it was, and put them in our little baskets and then leave them on one of the neighbors doorsteps. It is a tradition I want to start with my kids.

Since we forgot this year, the closest thing we have to a May basket are the May flowers in the picture above. Keaton picked these over at Papa & Busha's this week and they sent them home with him on Friday.

May Day, which was supposed to be rainy and yucky, was a gorgeous day this year. Our original plan for the day was to spring clean our closet, but with skies like these there was just no way we could stay inside.

So instead we headed outside where Collin worked on the lawn and I tackled a different project on my Spring Soul Season list: Plant an herb garden. You might remember that I planted one last year and...well...then it died.

This year I used a planter that we bought 3 years ago specifically for an herb garden. A planter that has been sitting in the garage for the past 3 years. I have no idea if the plants will actually grow well in here, but if they do I am bound and determined to take care of them this time. I planted cilantro, basil, parsley, and chives.

And this time around I had a little helper....

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the yard.....

(this child is all boy)

....catching frogs....

(Although there is no photographic evidence. As Keaton went to touch it, the frog jumped, which spooked Mama, who moved the camera.)

....filling the bird feeder...

(I had to call Collin from the store to ask where I would find bird seed and then he had to show me how to open the feeder, but dude, the feeder is filled!!)

....and checking out all of our flowers that are currently in bloom.


(bleeding hearts)

(johnny jump-ups)

At dinner Collin said "this day...this is what weekends are all about."

I couldn't agree more.

Happy May Day everyone!


Andrew Ryne said...

I've never celebrated May Day - but it sounds so sweet. We may just copy. By the way, how weird is to say "my kids"? Im still not quite used to it, but I LOVE it :)

Em said...

I had to laugh at Collin's comment..."Have sex?"...because that is SO something Drew would say. :) Looks like you guys had a great day to be outside on Saturday! Good luck with your herb garden this year. I always love seeing the pictures of Keaton being "all boy" outside. They just warm my heart!

Em said...

Oh, I almost forgot...we never really celebrated May Day either, but I think the idea is great!

CaSondra Shim said...

So proud of you Kate- your pics are looking great!!! Love the flower ones and of course the cutest nephew ever- Keats!

Pocklock said...

Such pretty photos! How can it be snowing there now??

Jill said...

I am WAY behind on your posts cause we were out of town...but I also remember the May Day basket "runs" fondly! We would most often put them on Grandma Bomstad's door (2 houses down) and she would chase us and give us a big hug & kiss when she caught us!! Too fun! Thanks for sharing!