Monday, May 17, 2010

Life List: Installment 2 (#26-50)

I started my Life List two years ago. TWO YEARS ago! You can read the first installment here. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't actually finished it yet, but every so often something will come to mind and I'll jot it down in my notebook and eventually add it to the list. For some reason lately I've been thinking alot about this list and really, really wanting to finish it. Once it is done I'd like to make some sort of creative corner for myself in the den to print off this list as well as my more short-term Soul Season lists and get to work doing some of these things. Or planning them. Or saving for them, whatever the case may be.

26. Read all of Jane Austen’s and Charles Dickens’ books.
27. Plan a girl’s weekend and make it an annual tradition.
28. Attend an Outstanding in the Field dinner.
29. Convert to using canvas grocery bags.
30. See a Nascar race in person.
31. Incorporate traditions from our Polish, Swedish, and German heritages into our family life.
32. Have a whirlpool bath in our Master Bathroom. Use it frequently.
33. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride.
34. Own a BMW.
35. Go on a candle lit cross country ski.
36. Go on a sleigh ride.
37. Own a pair of designer jeans.
38. Be debt free.
39. Compete in an adventure race.
40. Go whitewater rafting in Northern Wisconsin.
41. Convert to eating organically.
42. Run a ½ marathon after (giving birth to) each child.
43. Go to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.
44. Take a family trip (with my parents and Justin & Kira and fam) to Disney World.
45. Repeat some of our family vacations with my kids: the Hall of Fame Tour (baseball, football, and basketball), Mackinac Island, The Outer Banks, and a week at a beach house in South Carolina or Georgia.
46. Take the kids to an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field.
47. Own a sunhat and feel comfortable wearing it.
48. Own his and her kayaks.
49. Go to Mexico.
50. Feel comfortable using a sewing machine; make things for our family.


CaSondra Shim said...

oh- oh- can't wait to read more... I love how you have own a pair of designer jeans and the next one is to be debt free. I think it is awesome to dream and have goals because if we don't start there none of this is possible.

Jill said...

Great list!! Sign me up for #40...I have ALWAYS wanted to do that! :)

Amanda said...

Great list :). I'd like to be included in the annual girl's weekend and Mexico trip!!! Don't forget to add "become a scrapbooker" to the list!

Gail said...

Has it been 2 years since we started on this!?! It certainly doesn't seem like that long ago - and I know my list could use an update.

It's a great list, Kate and I can't wait to see the rest!


Em said...

I actually think it makes sense that you haven't finished the whole list yet. I know that I need to go back and revise mine--cross a few things off, re-evaluate whether some things are still goals of mine. It seems like cheating to remove things from the list, but that's why having an incomplete list might be good. Resist temptation to finish 50 more items unless you are really passionate about those 50 things, ya know? Adding to it a little at a time is probably more realistic! :)

That said, I found myself smiling and nodding at quite a few of your goals. A few are on my list, too, and a few I might just have to steal... ;)