Thursday, May 27, 2010

30 Weeks

  • Today I hit the 30 week mark. Over the weekend I was telling a friend that I don't think I changed very much between 24 and 28 weeks. Apparently I spoke too soon because holy cow! between 28 and 30 weeks I obviously made up any and all (and plus some) lost ground! I see my belly every day so I don't really realize how big I've gotten but looking at these comparison pictures makes it all very clear. Here was 28 weeks and here was 30 weeks with Keaton. Interestingly this "pop" seems to have happened during the same 2-week period last time around.
  • A lady at work came up to me today, touched my belly, and said she didn't remember me getting this big last time. I denied it, told her I'm pretty much the same as I was at this time with Keaton. I'm not sure if I really believed it or if I just said it because damn it! I HATE it when people comment on how BIG I am. All I hear is blah, blah, blah, you are a FAT ASS! And it instantly puts me in a bad mood. You can say look at that belly! You can even touch it, but do not say I'm SO BIG. Because when you do I instantly hate you.
  • Whew! Glad we got that out.
  • Anyway, I'll never tell her this, but I think she might be right. But I also still kinda think I'm carrying this baby differently. And, let's be honest, it's hard to make a completely fair comparison when I weighed a good 15 pounds more when I got pregnant with this one than I did when I got pregnant with Keaton. I mean, at this point I've already surpassed my max weight with Keaton, even though I haven't put on as much weight to-date as I did with him. But the starting grounds were different so how can I really compare?
  • Anyway, enough of that crap. The other thing I found interesting is that when I reread my 30 week post with Keaton I realize I could write almost all of it word-for-word right now. Especially the first paragraph about travel wearing me out, being tired and sore, and not on top of my game mentally. The funny thing is, I didn't remember this being the case last time around. I thought this pregnancy was so much harder right now and here I had all the very same complaints at 30 weeks last time. It actually makes me feel better knowing that.
  • Another common thread is the swelling (which began around this time last time) that started about a week ago. It's not bad every night but there are some nights that I get home from work and I can't do anything but lay on the couch and put my feet up they are so hideous, it's like I've misplaced my ankles and in their place is are stuffed sausages.
  • We had our 30 week appointment yesterday, which was pretty much a non-event. Heart rate was 144, doctor asked if we had any questions, and that was about it. At one point I thought he said he was going to start checking me at 30 weeks but he didn't. And now it doesn't sound like he plans to until the "normal" 36 weeks. I was a little disappointed but Collin and I talked about it afterwards and both decided it's probably for the better. If I were at some point to find out I'm dilated then I'd spend the rest of my days worrying and wondering when, when in reality being dilated doesn't necessarily mean anything and surely doesn't predict when I'll go into labor. So for now we wait and we try to enjoy these last few weeks without getting too worked up about when this baby will make his/her appearance.
  • And speaking of the baby, oh my gosh, is it getting some good kicks in these days. Like Keaton did at this time, sometimes I feel like he/she is going to burst right out of my belly. Doc still believes the baby is head down with the back over to my left side. Tonight as we rested on the bed while Keaton danced for us a little foot (I think it was a foot) was poking out on the left side.
  • I think that's it for now. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I feel like we're kinda getting into that homestretch and we should probably start thinking about getting our room prepped for this new little ones arrival. But for now I'm going to bed.....


Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Kate - you look FANTASTIC! Beautiful pregnant lady :) I always hated it because people would say I didn't look big at all - and I thought, "So I always just look this fat!?" So annoying!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Kate- you don't look fat and your pregnant and beautiful! I love seeing Keaton in pics with your beautiful Belly thinking " there is K with his little sis/bro" Celebrate the belly- it means you are growing a healthy baby inside. I love you guys sooooo much and make sure you are resting these days!!!! CAS

Em said...

You look great, Kate. :) You are a beautiful pregnant really does become you. I'm so glad I got to witness you further along in your pregnancy this weekend!

Ugh...I HATE people who throw around the words big and huge. And honestly, how are we supposed to respond to those comments? I always just sort of smiled (sarcastically) and held myself back from going off on them. Grrrr...

Take it easy, Mama. Can't believe how fast it's all going by!

Pocklock said...

You look fab! I haven't taken a single belly picture this time around because I still feel like I just look fat and not yet pregnant. I think I was about 21 or 22 weeks when the bump actually formed last time around so perhaps we wait a bit longer before I start documenting.

My second kid is totally getting the shaft.

Andrew Ryne said...

You look AWESOME! There is a HUGE difference between fat and prego. Before I had Claire, some of my students parents would tell me "Oh, I didnt even realize you were pregnant" - talk about getting pissed off! People are crazy!!!!

Amy Bomstad said...

I have to say that you are glowing even more this time around and you look absolutely beautiful! I mean it. I also hated when people said I was big. I really love the pic with you, Keaton, and baby belly! Too cute!