Sunday, May 16, 2010

28 Weeks

  • Last Thursday I hit the 28-week mark. This post is coming a little late because that was also the day Collin left for Rhinelander to work on the cabin and I've been solo parenting for the past four days and OMG!! solo parenting is hard work! Every time I have to do this I think of all the single parents out there and I tip my hat to them.
  • For comparison, here is my 24 week picture and also my 28 week picture with Keaton.
  • The way I'm carrying this baby seems to change on a daily basis, but overall I feel like it's more "football" shaped while with Keaton I think I was more "basketball" shaped.
  • That being said, I still have no feelings what-so-ever regarding the sex of this baby. If someone told me today that it was a girl my reaction would be, really? And if someone told me it was a boy my reaction would also be, really? I just have no strong feelings either way.
  • The one feeling I do have though is that this babe is going to be a spitfire. I think I should retract my early comments on how this baby isn't as active as Keaton. It's active, but it's a different active. While Keaton's movements were usually solid and deliberate and as if he was thinking through each move this babe is a groover. My belly will literally shake back and forth, and it feels just like the babe is tap dancing, or doing a little Irish jig in there.
  • While I was pregnant with Keaton I read an article online that asked "what one word would you use to describe your baby's personality?" For Keaton it was inquisitive. While in the womb if he heard a new sound he would instantly stop moving and I know he was listening, trying to figure it all out. And inquisitive he is. Ever since he was an infant. The only word I'm coming up with so far for this one is spitfire. Maybe I'll change as the weeks go on, but for now, that's the word I'd pick. When I'm holding Keaton at night this babe kicks up a storm as if to say, hey! guys! I'm here too! And the other day I must have been sitting to close to my desk at work for his/her likening as my belly was kinda smashed up to the ledge. And this little shit kicked me so hard I audibly gasped. It actually hurt. I have never had a kick that hard. And he/she kicked right where my belly was touching my desk as if to say, Dude! Scoot! Back! Room is tight in here! And as soon as I moved my chair back he/she was satisfied. Yes, I think this babe is going to be a spitfire. And I have a feeling he/she will also very much look up to his/her big brother, always trying to do everything he is doing.
  • I had my 28-week apt. on Thursday and as soon as the doc walked in he looked at me and said "what is happening to all of my patients??" I asked if I really looked that bad and he said, yes, I looked tired. Well. I feel tired. Last weekend we were in Milwaukee doing birthday parties and a zoo trip. On Wednesday we drove back down for a baseball game and yeah, all that traveling has worn me out. It's also causing me some lower abdominal pain. But because the pain comes and goes and is also moving from side to side I'm pretty certain I've just overdone it lately and not that anything specific is wrong.
  • At my appointment baby's heart rate was 141 - pretty much right where it's been all along.
  • I was also measuring a little big, 30 weeks, instead of 28. I've never been off week-wise before so this kinda threw me, but the doc said as long as I'm within 3 weeks of actual it is considered normal.
  • Best news of my appointment: we're pretty sure the babe is now sitting head down. I asked if he'd be able to tell and when he took a look he said yes, he's pretty sure it is and that it should stay that way. He could feel the head down low and some more squishy areas up top. Based on kicks lately I agree, I'm pretty sure it's head down. The other day I felt my first distinguishable body part (well, pretty distinguishable, I think it was a foot, but I suppose it could have been a knee or something, either way I felt BODY from the outside) way up high on my right side.
  • Worst news of my appointment: I failed my 28-week glucose test. I also failed this one with Keaton. I go back for the 3-hour test on Wednesday. I'm praying I pass this one (and would take any of your prayers as well! :) ). I'll keep you posted.


Andrew Ryne said...

You look awesome!!! Good luck with the 2nd glucose test :( Its so interesting how the 2nd pregnancy can be sooo different, but it will still have the same nuances as the first one!!!

Em said... look so adorable, Kate! I can see what you mean about the football vs. basketball shape...the baby bump does look more oblong than round this time.

I totally hear you on being in awe of single parents. My only stint so far was for two days, but even in that short period of time I felt it. Drew just mentioned the possibility of having to travel to Israel for work, and as you can imagine, that pretty much have me a heart attack! I hope you survived your single parenting stint just fine.

I'm crossing my fingers for you that all will come back just fine with your 3-hour glucose test.

Can't wait to meet this little spitfire of yours! :)

Amy Bomstad said...

Kate, I also feel that single mothers should be given the utmost respect...I couldn't even imagine! You look great! You are one of those people that pregnancy agrees glow! I am thinking of you and hoping that the glucose test goes well.

Aubrey said...

I have to tell you ladies that it only gets easier w/ more kids. ;) seriously!! I used to hate it when darrell was gone and now it's usually like, well, I've got 7 kids here and room for 6...I can do it. Sure hun have fun. But I think it helps that MY kids are older and know the routine more. I think the babies are easier though than my 5 & 3 yr olds bickering and the 11 & 9yr olds bickering. Darn boys I keep saying!!

Kate you look fab as everyone mentioned. I will be thinking of you for the LONG glucose test. That must be nerve racking. Just remember to relax because you need to be restful for the not so distant welcoming of this baby. I can't wait to see you this weekend!!

CaSondra Shim said...

Kate- I think your going to have to say NO to a few things to let your body rest and take care of yourself. People will understand- HELLO your 28 weeks preggo! Rest up and don't worry about glucose test- I hear this happens more frequent than we even know.

Ashleigh said...

Good luck with the 2nd test. I'm going to say I think you guys are having a boy. I don't know why, but I guessed a few pregnancies so far and I have been right....(and now that I have predicted that you two are having a boy, you will have a girl)