Thursday, May 27, 2010

30 Weeks

  • Today I hit the 30 week mark. Over the weekend I was telling a friend that I don't think I changed very much between 24 and 28 weeks. Apparently I spoke too soon because holy cow! between 28 and 30 weeks I obviously made up any and all (and plus some) lost ground! I see my belly every day so I don't really realize how big I've gotten but looking at these comparison pictures makes it all very clear. Here was 28 weeks and here was 30 weeks with Keaton. Interestingly this "pop" seems to have happened during the same 2-week period last time around.
  • A lady at work came up to me today, touched my belly, and said she didn't remember me getting this big last time. I denied it, told her I'm pretty much the same as I was at this time with Keaton. I'm not sure if I really believed it or if I just said it because damn it! I HATE it when people comment on how BIG I am. All I hear is blah, blah, blah, you are a FAT ASS! And it instantly puts me in a bad mood. You can say look at that belly! You can even touch it, but do not say I'm SO BIG. Because when you do I instantly hate you.
  • Whew! Glad we got that out.
  • Anyway, I'll never tell her this, but I think she might be right. But I also still kinda think I'm carrying this baby differently. And, let's be honest, it's hard to make a completely fair comparison when I weighed a good 15 pounds more when I got pregnant with this one than I did when I got pregnant with Keaton. I mean, at this point I've already surpassed my max weight with Keaton, even though I haven't put on as much weight to-date as I did with him. But the starting grounds were different so how can I really compare?
  • Anyway, enough of that crap. The other thing I found interesting is that when I reread my 30 week post with Keaton I realize I could write almost all of it word-for-word right now. Especially the first paragraph about travel wearing me out, being tired and sore, and not on top of my game mentally. The funny thing is, I didn't remember this being the case last time around. I thought this pregnancy was so much harder right now and here I had all the very same complaints at 30 weeks last time. It actually makes me feel better knowing that.
  • Another common thread is the swelling (which began around this time last time) that started about a week ago. It's not bad every night but there are some nights that I get home from work and I can't do anything but lay on the couch and put my feet up they are so hideous, it's like I've misplaced my ankles and in their place is are stuffed sausages.
  • We had our 30 week appointment yesterday, which was pretty much a non-event. Heart rate was 144, doctor asked if we had any questions, and that was about it. At one point I thought he said he was going to start checking me at 30 weeks but he didn't. And now it doesn't sound like he plans to until the "normal" 36 weeks. I was a little disappointed but Collin and I talked about it afterwards and both decided it's probably for the better. If I were at some point to find out I'm dilated then I'd spend the rest of my days worrying and wondering when, when in reality being dilated doesn't necessarily mean anything and surely doesn't predict when I'll go into labor. So for now we wait and we try to enjoy these last few weeks without getting too worked up about when this baby will make his/her appearance.
  • And speaking of the baby, oh my gosh, is it getting some good kicks in these days. Like Keaton did at this time, sometimes I feel like he/she is going to burst right out of my belly. Doc still believes the baby is head down with the back over to my left side. Tonight as we rested on the bed while Keaton danced for us a little foot (I think it was a foot) was poking out on the left side.
  • I think that's it for now. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I feel like we're kinda getting into that homestretch and we should probably start thinking about getting our room prepped for this new little ones arrival. But for now I'm going to bed.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame....

Collin was 5 (maybe 6) when he first watched the Braves play. It was on T.V., but it is the first professional game he remembers watching. The Braves won. He has been an avid fan ever since.

When we lived in Milwaukee we went to games pretty frequently. Attending a game was easy then, if we woke up one Saturday morning and felt like spending the day at the stadium we got dressed, headed down to Miller Park, and bought tickets.

Since leaving Milwaukee attending games requires a little more planning; mostly due to the travel involved. We've made it an annual tradition to attend a game, usually in July, with Collin's cousin, Jenny, and her family. This year, because of the pending arrival of Baby Kono II, we won't be able to go to our usual game. We are all a little sad.

I receive email update alerts for the Brewers, Braves, and Cubs; I'm not exactly sure what made me click through a ticketing update in April - I mean we weren't going to be able to attend a game this year - but I did. When I saw that the Braves were going to be in town for a series in May, the day before Collin's 30th birthday, I knew instantly what I had to do.

I emailed his Mom, asked if it'd be okay if he didn't work that day and, if it was, would they also like to come with us?

Being big baseball fans themselves you can imagine their answer. I ordered the tickets right away and somehow managed to keep it a surprise until less than a week before his birthday.

To complete the occasion I ordered Collin a new Braves shirt and, of course, an outfit for Keaton, his very first Braves gear. Collin was thrilled.

The day of the game was chilly and looked like rain so the roof was closed. It felt odd, I think I've only ever gone to one other game with it closed, but at that moment, when we had a toddler with us, I was very thankful for the dome.

It was a Wednesday afternoon game so the stadium wasn't completely filled, but it was full of energy none the less. This was the third game of the series and the Braves had won the first two, so we were hopeful that they'd pull it off again. It feels odd cheering for a team other than the Brewers while in Miller Park, but for the Braves Collin (and, even, myself) will make an exception.

This wasn't Keaton's first game, but it was his first Braves game, and he had an excellent time. Cheering and clapping with Papa & Busha, making friends with the guys behind us (They were a group of old high school friends, probably around 70 yrs old, and they loved Keats. They kept giving him high fives and telling us how great of a kid he was, saying we're probably hoping for another one just like him.), eating stadium dogs and drinking (lots!) of lemonade.

It might have been overcast, but the day was perfect. And to top it off, the Braves won!

* Pictures taken by my Blackberry because guess who's camera battery was dead??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Life List: Installment 2 (#26-50)

I started my Life List two years ago. TWO YEARS ago! You can read the first installment here. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't actually finished it yet, but every so often something will come to mind and I'll jot it down in my notebook and eventually add it to the list. For some reason lately I've been thinking alot about this list and really, really wanting to finish it. Once it is done I'd like to make some sort of creative corner for myself in the den to print off this list as well as my more short-term Soul Season lists and get to work doing some of these things. Or planning them. Or saving for them, whatever the case may be.

26. Read all of Jane Austen’s and Charles Dickens’ books.
27. Plan a girl’s weekend and make it an annual tradition.
28. Attend an Outstanding in the Field dinner.
29. Convert to using canvas grocery bags.
30. See a Nascar race in person.
31. Incorporate traditions from our Polish, Swedish, and German heritages into our family life.
32. Have a whirlpool bath in our Master Bathroom. Use it frequently.
33. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride.
34. Own a BMW.
35. Go on a candle lit cross country ski.
36. Go on a sleigh ride.
37. Own a pair of designer jeans.
38. Be debt free.
39. Compete in an adventure race.
40. Go whitewater rafting in Northern Wisconsin.
41. Convert to eating organically.
42. Run a ½ marathon after (giving birth to) each child.
43. Go to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.
44. Take a family trip (with my parents and Justin & Kira and fam) to Disney World.
45. Repeat some of our family vacations with my kids: the Hall of Fame Tour (baseball, football, and basketball), Mackinac Island, The Outer Banks, and a week at a beach house in South Carolina or Georgia.
46. Take the kids to an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field.
47. Own a sunhat and feel comfortable wearing it.
48. Own his and her kayaks.
49. Go to Mexico.
50. Feel comfortable using a sewing machine; make things for our family.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

28 Weeks

  • Last Thursday I hit the 28-week mark. This post is coming a little late because that was also the day Collin left for Rhinelander to work on the cabin and I've been solo parenting for the past four days and OMG!! solo parenting is hard work! Every time I have to do this I think of all the single parents out there and I tip my hat to them.
  • For comparison, here is my 24 week picture and also my 28 week picture with Keaton.
  • The way I'm carrying this baby seems to change on a daily basis, but overall I feel like it's more "football" shaped while with Keaton I think I was more "basketball" shaped.
  • That being said, I still have no feelings what-so-ever regarding the sex of this baby. If someone told me today that it was a girl my reaction would be, really? And if someone told me it was a boy my reaction would also be, really? I just have no strong feelings either way.
  • The one feeling I do have though is that this babe is going to be a spitfire. I think I should retract my early comments on how this baby isn't as active as Keaton. It's active, but it's a different active. While Keaton's movements were usually solid and deliberate and as if he was thinking through each move this babe is a groover. My belly will literally shake back and forth, and it feels just like the babe is tap dancing, or doing a little Irish jig in there.
  • While I was pregnant with Keaton I read an article online that asked "what one word would you use to describe your baby's personality?" For Keaton it was inquisitive. While in the womb if he heard a new sound he would instantly stop moving and I know he was listening, trying to figure it all out. And inquisitive he is. Ever since he was an infant. The only word I'm coming up with so far for this one is spitfire. Maybe I'll change as the weeks go on, but for now, that's the word I'd pick. When I'm holding Keaton at night this babe kicks up a storm as if to say, hey! guys! I'm here too! And the other day I must have been sitting to close to my desk at work for his/her likening as my belly was kinda smashed up to the ledge. And this little shit kicked me so hard I audibly gasped. It actually hurt. I have never had a kick that hard. And he/she kicked right where my belly was touching my desk as if to say, Dude! Scoot! Back! Room is tight in here! And as soon as I moved my chair back he/she was satisfied. Yes, I think this babe is going to be a spitfire. And I have a feeling he/she will also very much look up to his/her big brother, always trying to do everything he is doing.
  • I had my 28-week apt. on Thursday and as soon as the doc walked in he looked at me and said "what is happening to all of my patients??" I asked if I really looked that bad and he said, yes, I looked tired. Well. I feel tired. Last weekend we were in Milwaukee doing birthday parties and a zoo trip. On Wednesday we drove back down for a baseball game and yeah, all that traveling has worn me out. It's also causing me some lower abdominal pain. But because the pain comes and goes and is also moving from side to side I'm pretty certain I've just overdone it lately and not that anything specific is wrong.
  • At my appointment baby's heart rate was 141 - pretty much right where it's been all along.
  • I was also measuring a little big, 30 weeks, instead of 28. I've never been off week-wise before so this kinda threw me, but the doc said as long as I'm within 3 weeks of actual it is considered normal.
  • Best news of my appointment: we're pretty sure the babe is now sitting head down. I asked if he'd be able to tell and when he took a look he said yes, he's pretty sure it is and that it should stay that way. He could feel the head down low and some more squishy areas up top. Based on kicks lately I agree, I'm pretty sure it's head down. The other day I felt my first distinguishable body part (well, pretty distinguishable, I think it was a foot, but I suppose it could have been a knee or something, either way I felt BODY from the outside) way up high on my right side.
  • Worst news of my appointment: I failed my 28-week glucose test. I also failed this one with Keaton. I go back for the 3-hour test on Wednesday. I'm praying I pass this one (and would take any of your prayers as well! :) ). I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a really lovely Mother's Day weekend. The celebration kicked off for me on Friday night when I came home from work and Collin and Keaton surprised me with an Azalea plant (from Collin) and two Oriental Lilies (one from each of the kids).

On Thursday Busha had taken Keaton to the Children's Museum in town where he made me a necklace. She wrapped it up with some pictures of Keats at the museum and wrote me a letter from Keaton all about his first day at the museum. It was so sweet it made me cry. She also gave me some pictures from the baby from our ultrasound day! That night as Collin was watching the news he looked up just in time to catch Keaton on a special Mother's Day clip from the museum. Papa and Busha also got to see it on Sunday when they replayed it. I missed it both times so tonight I went online and finally found the clip. Keaton sat on my lap and we watched it more than once. You can see it here. That's Keaton on the cover of the video. He shows up again around second 35 and then again at the very end. He was the youngest kid there but based on the pictures and letter I got, he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

On Saturday we packed up the car and headed down to Milwaukee for the weekend. We celebrated C's 6th birthday that afternoon. The weather was iffy on and off all day but stayed okay long enough for the kids to spend some time outside and for the boys (even the big boys) to test out his new basketball hoop.

That evening we headed over to our hotel and had pizza before retiring to the room for the night. Staying in a hotel the day before Mother's Day was the best idea ever. I slept like a baby with all those comfy pillows surrounding me. I woke up Sunday morning feeling the best I'd felt in awhile.

On Sunday my Dad drove up from Illinois (my mom stayed at the hotel with us) and the five us plus my cousins, Andrea & Clint, and their kids and my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dougal spent the afternoon at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was Keaton's first trip and he loved it! He laughed as he watched the monkeys swing around, pointed out the snow leopard, chased the fish in the aquatic house, and mimicked the sound of the peacocks.

I was planning on having this post be all about our Mother's Day at the zoo but guess who forgot her camera??? Of course! Thankfully my parents had one so hopefully I'll get a copy of all the pictures soon. It was a wonderful afternoon. A perfect Mother's Day with my family and before we left my Godson, M., gave me three gorgeous gerbera daisies.

We ended the evening with dinner at Papa & Busha's, complete with Mother's Day ice cream sundaes. When we got home I noticed that on Sunday one of my lilies had opened up, while the other one was still closed. I thought that was especially fitting for the day; one baby in full bloom, the other still getting ready.

I look at my son and feel the baby and know I am so blessed. I hope all you mothers and mothers-to-be had a wonderful day. And like always my thoughts and prayers are especially with those still awaiting their blessings. Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At night

At night…I turn off the light and rock my oldest as my youngest squirms around in my belly. I sit quietly and enjoy this peaceful time together, just the three of us.

At night…I click the button on the monitor one last time to catch a final glimpse. I look at your face and whisper “goodnight sweet boy”.

At night…I snuggle into my body pillow and feel you tossing and turning. I lay my hand on my belly and think “I love you and I don’t even know you”.

At night…I lay my head on my pillow and talk to my husband, reminiscing the past or making plans for the future, and I'm reminded again how grateful I am to have found him.

Life can be grinding. Money is tight, the house is often messy, and the to-do list is forever growing.

But at night…I spend my last few moments with the people that matter most and as I drift off to sleep I realize life is perfect just the way it is.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

We were outside this afternoon when I remembered that it was May Day. I turned to Collin and asked, "do you know what you're supposed to do on May Day?"

Hopeful, he answered, "have sex?"

Ummmm....actually I was talking about May baskets.

Did you guys ever make these? I remember doing this as a kid at our babysitters (Jill's Mom!). Jill, Gwen, and I would pick flowers, lily of the valley I think it was, and put them in our little baskets and then leave them on one of the neighbors doorsteps. It is a tradition I want to start with my kids.

Since we forgot this year, the closest thing we have to a May basket are the May flowers in the picture above. Keaton picked these over at Papa & Busha's this week and they sent them home with him on Friday.

May Day, which was supposed to be rainy and yucky, was a gorgeous day this year. Our original plan for the day was to spring clean our closet, but with skies like these there was just no way we could stay inside.

So instead we headed outside where Collin worked on the lawn and I tackled a different project on my Spring Soul Season list: Plant an herb garden. You might remember that I planted one last year and...well...then it died.

This year I used a planter that we bought 3 years ago specifically for an herb garden. A planter that has been sitting in the garage for the past 3 years. I have no idea if the plants will actually grow well in here, but if they do I am bound and determined to take care of them this time. I planted cilantro, basil, parsley, and chives.

And this time around I had a little helper....

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the yard.....

(this child is all boy)

....catching frogs....

(Although there is no photographic evidence. As Keaton went to touch it, the frog jumped, which spooked Mama, who moved the camera.)

....filling the bird feeder...

(I had to call Collin from the store to ask where I would find bird seed and then he had to show me how to open the feeder, but dude, the feeder is filled!!)

....and checking out all of our flowers that are currently in bloom.


(bleeding hearts)

(johnny jump-ups)

At dinner Collin said "this day...this is what weekends are all about."

I couldn't agree more.

Happy May Day everyone!