Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keaton's 16-month stats and other random updates

I took Keaton in for his 15-month well visit on Wednesday, but it was more like a 16-month check-up considering he turns another month older tomorrow. His stats were pretty steady with his 12-month visit: Head circumference 48 1/2 cm (75%), Height 30 3/4 inches (50%), and Weight 22 lbs 6 oz (25%).

Past appointments have gone pretty smoothly but this time around Keats hated every single second of it. He hated the nurse who stuck this thing on his head and then held him down to take his height measurement. He hated the doctor using his cold stethoscope on his bear chest and contorting his legs to check all his joints. And he really, really hated the vaccines. When it was all over I held his little body close to me for an extra minute or two; he wrapped his legs around my waist and clung to my neck while the tears slowed and eventually stopped. The nurse popped in before I had even gotten him redressed. Normally I hate being that person holding up the exam room, but at that moment I really didn't care.

As of today I'm 26-weeks pregnant. In the last week I've been feeling some good solid kids from this babe. And I'm happy to say they are no longer always straight down into my bladder/cervix. I'm now feeling them all over, including in the upper portion of my belly. I don't know for certain that the baby has flipped (or even if he/she has that they will stay that way) but I'm slowly becoming less worried about the baby sitting breach.

When s/he does start moving and grooving I can't help but to stop what I'm doing and stare at my belly for awhile. Watching the baby move around in there will never get old.

I'm reading the book Water for Elephants. Its been so long since I've read a good book. I'm not zooming through this by any means, but I've loved every second of reading it thus far.

For the past two years we've had this sparrow nest on the ledge of our front door. And for two years in a row we've had at least one set of babies born in it. I love it. You can see the little guys from inside our house when the mama swoops in to feed them. The downer is, they've left a huge amount of bird poop in our front entryway. Bird poop that we've failed to clean up. This year Collin decided to take the nest down, the mess was just getting to be too gross. A robin had other plans though and now we have another nest and a new bird. I have to admit, I'm kinda happy, I can't wait to see those little suckers hatch again this year.

Speaking of birds, I've agreed to take on the task of keeping our bird feeder filled this year. I took this on a few weeks ago, but I have yet to remember to pick up bird feed. I'm failing miserably at this task.

Last Saturday it was rainy and yucky out and when it was time for Keaton's nap we all curled up on the couch and napped together. It was pretty awesome and we're already making plans for a repeat this weekend. I'm also hoping to make some progress on the spring cleaning of our closet this weekend.

These pictures were all taken at the beginning of March (Keaton has considerably more hair now). They aren't of good quality, which is why they have just been sitting on my hard drive untouched. I need to move a bunch off though to clear up some space so I figured if I'm ever going to post them now is as good of time as any. Besides it's Thursday night at 10 pm and I'm tired, it seems like a good time to post random pictures with random text. In fact, I should do this more often.


Andrew Ryne said...

Sooo cute! His smile is so precious - Im sure the doctors appts are harder for us than it is for them (in the long run)

Em said...

I can't wait to see Keaton again in a couple of weeks. He's so cute in these pics. I think we may be getting some baby robins in our yard again this year, which is so fun!