Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010: Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Each week following mass we'd get in the car and I'd scour the bulletin for the date. When March rolled around I knew it would be posted.

Get your tickets for Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Saturday, March 27th.

Noooo!!! I let out an audible cry. I'd been waiting weeks for this and wouldn't you know it was on a Saturday where I had to be out of town, celebrating with my cousin her upcoming wedding at a shower held by my aunts.

I thought about it for awhile that afternoon and realized just because I couldn't make it to the breakfast didn't mean Keaton shouldn't go. So the following week after church we bought 3 tickets for Collin, Papa, and Busha to go with Keaton.
That Saturday morning I sent the boys off before Kira and I even left town. We were about to cross the Illinois border when my phone rang and Collin filled me in on the morning. I knew immediately by the sound of his voice that it had been a hit. Even though I was sad I wasn't able to join them, I was so happy that Keaton enjoyed his morning.
They got to church around 9 am in time for an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. The room was filled with kids and families and when the Easter Bunny made his long awaited arrival the room cheered. Keaton was very interested in this giant bunny and didn't take his eyes off of him; following his every step around the room.
When it was time to get in line for pictures Keaton did fine. He didn't seem afraid and even as Collin set him on the Easter Bunny's lap he was okay. But then Collin backed away and Keaton realized whoa, wait, Daddy's not holding me and, oh my, what is this thing?
Following pictures they headed to the craft room where Keaton made a marshmallow butterfly out of a ziploc baggie and a pipe cleaner, colored a paper bag to use on the egg hunt, and frosted cut-out cookies. Keaton is a huge fan of cookies and, well, frosting, so Collin dipped the stick in the frosting and as he prepared to put it on the cookie Keaton grabbed it and shoved it straight into his mouth. Busha has pictures of his frosting covered face.
After crafts they headed to the church nursery to play for awhile and then it was time for the hunt. The field was divided into age groups and there were lots and lots of eggs in the 0-3 section. The hunt started and Keats headed straight for his prize. Not an egg, but a piece of bark. And he was thrilled. In the end he brought home about 8 eggs filled with various things, including a $5 bill, which was strategically placed by Papa.
As we crossed into Illinois I asked Collin if Keaton was tired and he told me, oh yeah, he's sleeping. He ate half is butterfly on the way home and then crashed. "His butterfly?" I asked. Collin said he'd show me when I got home. When I walked in the door that night the boys recounted the whole morning to me and now I can't wait for next year.


Jill said...

Too cute!! Glad he did so well!! Ben wanted NOTHING to do with the giant furry bunny!! :) Happy Easter (late)!

CaSondra Shim said...

AWWWW- I love it that Keats picked up bark over the eggs- That is sooo a Kono move! He has been picking up sticks with Busha so much that it just seems normal! That Bunny is faboulous! We missed seeing you guys for Easter- it's just not the same without family!

Andrew Ryne said...

These are adorable! I still havent taken Andrew to the Easter bunny, maybe next year!

Patten Family said...

Too Cute! How was the ultrasound though????

Kate said...

Thanks everyone!

Sarah, the ultrasound went great. We've been having some computer/printer/scanner difficulties lately, which is why I haven't posted anything about it yet. I think we are up and running again now, though. Once I get these Easter posts done I'll share pictures :)

Katharine said...

Great pictures! He's such a cutie - love the outfit, too! Good on him for not being afraid o' the giant bunny, too.

Amy Bomstad said...

Awww! How hard it is to miss such a special event. I also missed Cayle sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap and the egg hunt b/c of a shower/bachelorette. Just think of how fun it will be next year! Hope you guys had a fabulous Easter!

Gail said...

We've taken Jacob every year to breakfast with the EB (Jeremy's restaurant sponsors one) and every year he won't go anywhere near "that big rabbit". I'm glad Keaton did so well!