Thursday, April 15, 2010

24 weeks & an ultrasound update (finally!)

  • I loved how Em did one covered and one bare belly shot during her pregnancy, so I thought I'd start doing that. I was hoping to get a good picture of Keaton and I together, but he had just woken up from a nap and wasn't really having it.
  • Okay, go ahead, you can say it....holy cow, she's gotten big! I know. I know! This was my 20-week shot only 4 weeks ago.
  • The other day I asked Collin: am I carrying this baby higher, lower, or the same as I did with Keaton? He looked at me, tilted his head, pursed his lips in contemplation and said: you're carrying it further out. And I guess he's right because check this out... here was my 26-week shot with Keaton (I didn't take a 24 week) - ummm, yeah, I could give that belly a serious run for its money.
  • I thought this was all in my head but now that I look back at pictures, both from Keaton's pregnancy as well as ones from earlier in this pregnancy, I think I am carrying this baby differently. Not on a higher/lower basis, but this time around I feel like I'm carrying it everywhere. Like my whole mid section has just ballooned. I haven't gained as much weight as I did last time, so I really just think its different. If that makes sense.
  • The baby has started moving alot more, but at this point I would still say it seems to be less active as Keaton. Maybe it is still just too early, but for now I'm standing by that.
  • The Braxton Hicks have also started. Actually, I should have included this in my last update because I think they started around 18 weeks. They still aren't terribly frequent, but they are unmistakeably BH.
  • My 24-week apt. was yesterday and things seem to be going well. As soon as he measured my fundal height I asked what I was measuring, worrying that I might be measuring ahead since I've gotten so big. But no, I was right on at 24 weeks. So that was a relief.
  • The baby's heart rate was the highest it has ever been, in the 150's - at one point it was 157.
  • The rest of the apt. was pretty routine, we talked about the ultrasound (more below) and (again) about the possibility of me going early. He said he was going to start checking me at 30 weeks. That made me happy to hear. As long as I make it 34 weeks they'll let me go if I go into labor.
  • Of course you know what all of this talk means right?? I'm totally going full-term this time around :)
  • As I'm sitting here typing I'm also watching my belly move. This baby must know I'm talking about him/her...all that crap about me not being active?? I'll show you MOM.

Okay, so, on to an ultrasound update!! Our ultrasound was two weeks ago now, but we were having some computer/scanner issues so I wasn't able to post the pictures.

  • The ultrasound went great. Both of our moms came with us and I think they really enjoyed it.
  • As soon as our tech set the wand down the baby was in full view and I couldn't believe how much bigger it was compared to our 16 week ultrasound, which was only 6 weeks earlier.
  • During our ultrasound the baby was sitting breach. Collin is going to totally roll his eyes when he reads this...I know it has plenty of time to flip, I know it could be flipping on a daily basis, but I also know that the kicks I've been feeling are going straight down into my bladder/cervix...and it worries me a little. Of course when I brought this up at my apt. yesterday my Doc had the same reaction as Collin, he's not worried. We have plenty of time. Tonight, for the first time, I'm feeling some kicks up on my left side, it gives me hope. Please baby, turn for mama!
  • Babe had his/her hands up my his/her face during much of the ultrasound. And after one of my bathroom breaks (I think I took 3!) s/he had his/her knees tucked into his/her chin.
  • Blah. One good thing about finding out the sex is you don't have to type all this his/her stuff so much.
  • As I'm guessing you've figured out, we didn't find out, we're keeping the surprise for game day.
  • At the end of the exam I looked at the tech and said "should I even ask this??" and then asked if she knew. She said Yes, she knew what it was. My reaction was, well, that means its a boy and she said nooo, not necessarily, if it was a girl she said she'd know that too since she does this every day.
  • I'll admit, it was really, really hard to not just have her tell us right there. But, now that it is over I'm happy we didn't. I really just love surprises...
  • I had one gut reaction during the ultrasound. It was just for an instant and I haven't had one since, but during the exam for a moment I thought it was a boy. Of course as the exam went on I started to waiver and right now I have no idea whatsoever, but that was the one gut reaction I've had during this pregnancy.
  • Okay, enough talk....on to pictures!!



(Remember K's ultrasound?? This was the ONLY pic we got!)

This one is a little creepy, so maybe don't look too long. Or, look but maybe focus on the nose down.

This one isn't quite as clear, but it is my favorite of the 3-D pictures. It was at this point s/he had his/her legs up by his/her face. And do you see the cord sitting right below his/her chin?? The reason I love this one though is that I think s/he looks just like Keaton as an infant.


amanda said...

Every baby post makes me so excited! You are carrying this baby VERY differently...I'm hoping this means I'm getting my Stella ;)! You look great, by the way! Miss and love ya!

Em said...

Kate, you look amazing! I agree that you're definitely carrying differently than with K, though I can't say lower or higher. You look wonderful, though! I loved seeing these u/s pics, too. It's hard to believe you're already 24 weeks! This little one will be here before we know it!

Andrew Ryne said...

You look so good! Did you find out with Keaton? It's so fun to wait until the big day :)

Rachel said...

I think you look great! Everyone says it, and I can attest, you just pop faster and bigger with 2nd and 3rd babies. I think you won't end up bigger in the end (unless you go full term). Also, TheFinale just went heads down 2 weeks ago (34 weeks), so don't worry about that either.
Your baby is beautiful and I can't wait to see him/her in the outside world :-) Hang in there!

Jill said...

What a great person who invented the ultrasound!! Such a small thing, but makes you feel so at peace seeing that baby that you "know" and knowing that they're enjoying their 9-month stay as much as you hoped they were!! So awesome....thanks for sharing! You really do look great and no worries about popping early...totally normal! Love ya!

Amy Bomstad said...

Kate you look sooo awesome! I am getting that itch to have another one now that Cayle is walking around and no longer wants to cuddle EVER!