Thursday, March 18, 2010

20 weeks

  • I'm not the only one that hates taking these pictures, right? Mostly because I always think next time I should really, like, fix my hair or something. But then the next picture day rolls around and I'm all, awww, crap, I don't feel like doing it today, next time! Then I look at the picture and think, yeah, I should have fixed my hair. So anyway, next time!
  • Just for comparison sake: here was my 16 week picture and my 21-week picture with Keaton.
  • As much as I hate taking these pictures, I'll continue to do so because I love being able to make these comparisons.
  • You might have seen on Twitter last week that on mentioned that overnight I popped. I am not even kidding, it happened on Wednesday March 10th, 1 day shy of 19 weeks. I left work on Tuesday with the "hmmm, she might be getting fat" belly and came in on Thursday morning with the "oh, holy cow, she's pregnant" belly. As I was rereading that 21 week post from Keaton's pregnancy it sounds like it happened at about the exact same time with him.
  • We had our 20-week apt. with the Doctor yesterday and it went well. We spent the most time talking about fiber supplements and my horrible reactions to the laxative I tried taking. If you know me, I'm sure this does not surprise you.
  • He measured my fundal height for the first time. At least I think it was the first time, I've been having terrible pregnancy brain lately so I guess I can't remember for sure if it was, but I think so. He didn't tell us how it measured, we were probably too busy talking about fiber, and I forgot to ask. I'm assuming it was on target since he didn't say anything.
  • Then he measured the heart rate, which was 140 bpm. This baby's heart rate has consistently been around 140 whereas Keaton's was always around 160. For some reason I find that very interesting. Collin and I were talking the other day that we have a feeling this baby's personality is going to be completely different from Keaton's. Maybe the slower heart rate means this baby will be less active?
  • We finished up the appointment by scheduling our ultrasound. Yay!! It is 2 weeks from yesterday and then we will go back in 4 weeks for our next appointment. I can not wait to see this little babe again.
  • In other baby related news, we taught Keaton that the baby is in my belly. Or, well, in 14 month talk, my belly is "baby". When we ask "where's baby?" or tell him to "give the baby a kiss" he pulls up my shirt and touches/kisses my belly. Then he pulls my shirt back down and waves bye bye. It's pretty adorable.


Em said...

Look at that cute lil baby belly! So far, you are looking pretty similar to where you were at with K at this time. It'll be interesting to continue to compare, so yes, please keep taking these! :) You look great! Also, I love that you taught K to kiss the baby in your belly and that he waves bye-bye. So cute. Half-way there, Mama!

samantha said...

Ha! If you're into the whole 'heartbeat giving away the gender' thing then I think we know the sex of the baby :-)