Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I'm rooting for the Saints

My family loves football. During family gatherings if there is a game on you can be certain that at least one TV in the house is playing it. The room is usually manned by the men, but us women, we keep track of what’s going on too. Growing up in Illinois I was raised a Bears fan. It wasn’t until 2002, after I’d been living in Wisconsin for 4 years and, more importantly, after I went to my first game at Lambeau Field that I made the big switch. There was no going back after that game, I was a Packers fan. My family was understandably dismayed by this decision. I’m sure it was harder for them to accept than my decision to convert to Catholicism. But, my family is also pretty great, and even though we might be rivals now, they still love me.

My Grandma was quite possibly the biggest football fan I’ve known. I’ve mentioned on here before that some years she would forgo putting up a Christmas tree because it would get in the way of the TV, of football. For as far back as I can remember my Dad and my Grandma had an annual bet on the Super Bowl game. The rules were simple, each person gets a team and if your team wins you win dinner of your choice on the other person. I remember making special trips up to Rockford, dinner in hand, after my Grandma won the bet. She would usually choose things my Dad was good at making, I remember one year in particular dining on duck.

After my Grandma passed away my Dad asked me if I’d like to carry on the tradition. Of course I would! My Dad let me have the choice of teams the first year and since then we take turns getting to pick. This year it was my Dad’s turn. I called him about 30 seconds after the Saints beat the Vikings in the last playoff game and asked – so, who are you picking? Without hesitation he said the Colts; which means tonight I’m a Saints fan. Come on New Orleans, Mama’s dreamin’ of lobster.

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Em said...

Yahoo...Mama gets her lobster! :) That is a neat tradition. I was happy to see the Saints win, too. :)