Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toddler/Baby Updates

Toddler Updates:
  • We took Keaton to his 12-month check-up a couple of weeks ago. Remember how at our last visit Dr. T told us that it was good that his head jumped in size and that at our next visit he was hoping to see Keats' height jump? Well that's exactly what happened. His head circumference measured 47 1/2 cm, which is the 75% (up from 50% last time); height was 30 1/2 inches, also the 75%!!! (up from 10% last time); and his weight was 20 lbs 15 oz, 25% (also up from 10% last time). So his growth is really starting to take off.
  • As of 13 months Keats was officially walking. Every day he seems to be getting steadier and steadier on his feet. At this point he prefers walking over crawling and if he does fall, he gets right back up and starts again.
  • I tweeted the other day about K's new toy - the swiffer sweeper. I call it Swiffy. He goes into the mudroom to get it out of the closet and carries it everywhere. The thing is so big that he gets it stuck on furniture, in doorways, on the cabinets, etc. and then he starts to whine. I go pick him up to try to explain this isn't a toy, but he will not let go of it and suddenly I'm holding a little boy and swiffer on my lap at the same time.
  • He loves opening and closing doors and will sit swinging a door back and forth for the longest time. Usually when he shuts himself in a room he finds it funny, but for some reason if it is his bedroom he instantly starts screaming.
  • He also likes opening and closing cabinets and drawers. At least once a day a cookie sheet, cooling rack, or a serving bowl (or three) are laying on the kitchen floor. It keeps him entertained while we make dinner or clean up though, so no complaints here.
  • He likes to get into his changing tower and get out the thermometer and nail clippers to play with. He has also started taking his diapers out one by one and piling them up on the diaper champ. The other day Collin yells out to me - are you throwing all these diapers away?? I was confused so I went in to see what he was talking about and there was a stack of diapers stuffed in the hole. We find this frequently these days.
  • He loves playing with Lego's and building blocks and enjoys knocking down our creations even more.
  • His first molar popped through late last week. He was waking up at night and we were so confused as to why. He was usually restless, but never wide awake. On Saturday Collin stuck his finger in K's mouth and it all made sense.

Baby Updates:

  • I will be 15-weeks tomorrow. Next week we have our 16-week check-up, following which we'll be scheduling the ultrasound. This is crazy to me. Even though those 5 weeks of first trimester hell seemed to drag on forever, I still can not believe next month we will be having our ultrasound.
  • As of last Friday, it was 6-months until our due date.
  • I'm trying to hold out for another week or so, but I'm thinking it is about time I pull out the maternity bin. Right now I'm wearing sweaters in a bigger size than normal, but I've realized lately that all they are really doing is making me look like a tank.
  • I have yet to take a belly picture with this pregnancy. I'm thinking 16 weeks I'll start. We'll see.
  • Em asked me the other day if we have a nickname for this baby yet. Ha! Why yes, yes we do. Long story short, we've been calling the baby Pinky Dinky. It is the most awful nickname in the history of baby nicknames, and yet it makes us both laugh and we keep using it!
  • The baby's actual name has also been chosen. We don't plan on finding out the sex, so we have both a girl and boy option. Most people know our girl name from last time around. I think we're going to keep the boy name (semi) secret. I say semi because we have already told some people. It's a family name so I'm hoping it will be a fun surprise if we do get to use it.
  • When we listen to the baby's heartbeat there has been lots of whooshing movement lately. It makes me wonder if we're gonna have another active one on our hands.

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Amy Bomstad said...

I agree that Cayle & Keaton would get along great. They sound so similar and are definitely ALL BOY!! Tiring but fun!