Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison

This pregnancy has been very similar and very different from my pregnancy with Keaton. Every time something new hurts I've been mentally taking notes, yup remember this or, WTH? this is new. I started jotting things down yesterday and want to document it here because, well, this is the only place I document anything. Before Keaton was born I bought this calendar that includes stickers with things such as: picture day, my first smile, I had visitors today, etc, etc. I thought this would be an excellent way to document his first year. I did pretty good at the beginning, I remember jotting down all of his visitors, the first time he rolled over, and the day President Obama was inaugurated. Then I started falling behind. Way behind. The calendar still hangs on his wall; it is perpetually stuck on the month of April. As in, April 2009. So yeah, I'm not very good at documenting things so if I have something I'd like to remember, I better post it here.

  • Round ligament pain. At my 8-week apt. right before Christmas the nurse told me, if you're traveling over the holidays make sure you get out of the car and stretch once every hour. I agreed but walked out thinking, dude, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, I don't need to stretch once per hour. After our 3 1/2 hour drive down to my parents I hopped out of the car and thought I was going to die. My uterus, it was burning. OMG, I totally should have listened to her. It flares up quite often at work, when I'm stuck at the computer for long periods of time. When I do get up I hobble around and I know I look like a penguin bopping back and forth.
  • Sciatic Nerve pain. When I was pregnant with Keaton I remember the pain starting around 9 weeks and my first thought was, what is wrong with my ass bone? I had read about this but everything I've read said it usually started later in the pregnancy. Not for me. It likes to fire up right away and make things all sorts of interesting. It's been especially painful the past week around 8 pm each night. I think I've finally figured out that it is from lifting Keaton. On Monday night it was pinched so bad that I literally had to get down on the floor and crawl back to the couch. Then I asked Collin if he would please come rub my ass. No. He said. Please? It hurts really bad. No. Puh-lease??? No. I will never rub anything for you ever again! Oh Christ, where's it hurt?
  • Weird dreams. This was my very first clue that I was pregnant with Keaton, followed a week later by severe boob aches. I can't really say the weird dreams ever went away after giving birth, but I can say the weird kicked it up a notch once I was pregnant again.
  • No specific cravings. Once in a while I will crave something, like the night I randomly wanted Noodles (as in, the restaurant) but I have never really had any specific, long-term cravings.
  • 11-weeks. [Updated from original post] I can not believe I forgot to include this in the original post. This might be the single biggest similarity between my two pregnancies. 11 weeks, you guys, 11 weeks (+/- a couple of days) seems to be the time in which I magically start feeling better and the 1st trimester symptoms start to wane. I'm not kidding, it's magical because in both cases I've gone to bed one night feeling like a pile of shit and I wake up in the morning with angels signing heavenly tunes above my head. The first time: July 10, 2008. This time: January 16, 2010. You do not forget the day that you wake up and realize. Holy Shit!! I'm NOT dying!!!


  • Nausea vs. Exhaustion. When I was pregnant with Keaton I was extremely exhausted. Like, I can not even put in words how tired I was all. the. time. I lived the first 3 months in a haze. I couldn't concentrate or focus and all I wanted to do was sleep all day long. I was also nauseous with Keaton, but it was nothing compared to how I felt this time around. I was sidelined on the couch for 5 weeks straight with this pregnancy, but it wasn't due to the exhaustion, it was the nausea. I felt sick pretty much all all day, every day. I also puked ALOT. I might have puked once or twice with Keaton; this time I lost count.
  • Boob pain. With Keaton my boobs started aching before I even got a positive pregnancy test. I remember being in Earlville and hugging a friend goodbye and I thought I was going to fall over in pain. OMG. My boobs. This time my boobs didn't hurt at all in the beginning and have really just started aching in the past couple of weeks.
  • Period like cramping. Same thing here. With Keaton I thought I was going to start my period, the cramping felt that similar. This time, none at the beginning and only a little over the past few weeks. I don't why this is, but I'd like to think that my uterus is all, oh dude, pregnant? No problem, I totally know what to do. And so I've had no cramping.
  • Food. Although I wouldn't call these cravings, with Keaton all that sounded good was greasy restaurant food. And so we ordered out. Alot. This time around take-out makes me sick. Even a frozen pizza makes me sick. I want homemade, comfort food and the thing that sounds the most appetizing is pasta. I've also had a few specific things that make me want to vomit just thinking about them. Yogurt. Oh God, just typing that makes me want to dry heave, and milk. Yuck. And I like both of these, but they disgust me right now.
  • Hemorrhoids. I've had hemorrhoids before, but I don't think I ever had them at the beginning of my pregnancy with Keaton. And I've NEVER had them this bad. Now?? Holy Mother of God, my ass! The other night after making friends with some Tucks pads I came hobbling out to the living room and Collin looked up and asked - why are you walking like that? And because I'm a totally sane/rational pregnant person I spat at him - Because my ass is on fire! Don't talk to me!
  • Cold vs. Hot. When I was pregnant with Keats I was always hot. In the winter I didn't even need to bundle up, just a light shirt and I was good. This time around? I'm freakin' freezing!!! Because we have a little one in the house we keep our thermostat set at 70 degrees. And yet, I'm so cold my teeth are chattering. I need blankets, blankets, blankets. I'm actually hoping this continues, it might come in handy if we have a hot summer.
  • Insomnia. [Also updated from original post] I thought of another one I forgot last night as I lay WIDE away from 2:30 am to 4 am. I'm having a problem with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. One night, while Collin was lying awake with me I sighed and complained, I'm soooo bored. That's exactly how I feel when I lay awake for 1, 2, sometimes 2+ hours at night. Bored.


Em said...

Interesting reading about your similarities and differences between pregnancies. I am so with you on the yogurt thing. It has disgusted me this entire pregnancy, too. And everybody told me I'd be hot, but I am freezing, all the time. Even with being as big as a house!

Andrew Ryne said...

This is so funny - our pregnancies are VERY similar. I had such a great pregnancy with Andrew I didnt even think twice about it again. This one has been WAY MORE uncomfortable - and WAY FASTER! I feel 9 months pregnant at 5 months! I swear its a girl - its already a pain in my ass (literally)! Aaron looks at me every time the sciatica kicks in like I'm a big puss - I swear I feel like an 80 yr. old woman sometimes. Soooo - I feel your pain, ALL of the them :)

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Very good comparison chart. It's good you're writing it down. I'm trying to think back to my pregnancies and's a bit fuzzy. Take care!

Amanda said...

Kate, you honestly missed your calling as a writer OR you should totally write a book. I about peed my pants reading this, in fact I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Thank you for brightening my day!

Amy Bomstad said...

Wow! I am NOT envious of you right now....the joys of being pregnant! Love the ass pain!