Thursday, February 25, 2010

Date Weekend

It feels like eons ago now, but last weekend Keaton spent the night at Papa & Busha's and Collin and I had almost 24 hours to ourselves, a date weekend. We dropped Keats off around 3 pm on Saturday and immediately headed into town to catch a movie. It has been three years (THREE! YEARS!) since we last saw a movie in the theatre. So this was a pretty big deal. On Friday I had a list of movie options and by Saturday morning we had narrowed it down to two choices: Avatar or Shutter Island.

We were both starving after dropping Keaton off, but since the restaurant we wanted to go to wasn't serving dinner yet we decided to do the movie first and tide our appetites by pigging out on a tub 'o popcorn. Due do show times, Shutter Island was the winner.

Holy cow, you guys, this movie is freakin' awesome! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, trying to put it all together, trying to figure it out before all was revealed. I don't want to say much in fear of giving anything away, but if you were thinking about going to this one, you should totally do it!

After the movie we headed to one of our favorite restaurants in town for Prime Rib and Stuffed Shrimp. We might have passed up dessert, but that didn't stop us from swinging into Dairy Queen on our way home for a couple of blizzards.

On Sunday we woke up early, headed into town for breakfast and church. As soon as we woke up Sunday morning Collin said "I really miss that kid" for me it sank it while we were eating breakfast. I felt like I needed to tell the people around us, this isn't ALL of us, there is one more, he's just not with us right now. It felt really, really weird to be only 2 instead of 3. At church I missed him more and found myself swaying back and forth every time I stood up, just as I would have done if Keaton was in my arms.

After running a few errands and ending Date Weekend with a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, we went to pick him up.

The big smile and giddy little kicks he gave as he was handed over to us was just what Mommy and Daddy needed. In reality though, I don't think he really missed us. Papa was there when he woke up in the middle of the night and Auntie Bea came over on Saturday so Keats, Busha, and Bea spent the day playing in his tunnel, practicing hitting his ball off the mini tee, playing with the swiffer, and going for sled rides. The only problem with giving Keaton a sled ride is that he NEVER. WANTS. TO. GET. OUT. So Busha and Bea pulled him up and down the road, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until FINALLY he was tuckered out.

Thanks Busha, Papa, and Bea for the relaxing weekend!


Katharine said...

That picture is AWESOME!

I love what you said about what you were thinking at the restaurant. Whenever we're out without the kids I feel exactly the same way - the way you put it (this isn't all of us) was lovely.

Glad you enjoyed your date night, too!

CaSondra Shim said...

OMG--- I love the PICTURE!!!!!
This is to die for- you should send it in for a contest or something!!! I love the story too! I'm sure mom, dad and Aunt Bea had a great time too!

Em said... precious is that picture? So cute! I got all teary when I read the part about you wanting to say, "This isn't all of us." Love you, hon!