Thursday, February 18, 2010

16 weeks

Thank you, everyone, for all the love and support after Tuesday's incident. I really appreciate it!

My doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I filled the nurse in on everything that happened and she asked if the bleeding by chance occurred during a bowel movement. Many of you who know me, and especially those who spent this past weekend with me, will not be surprised to hear that I've been constipated lately. Really constipated. So, yes, this did occur during a bowel movement, and in the interest of full disclosure it do I put this....a particularly difficult bowel movement. She thought that might have been the cause and to be honest, since the ultrasound came back clean, I too had convinced myself it was the cause, despite the fact Collin and I discussed that it didn't really make sense that I'd bleed from the front during a bowel movement.

The nurse left and spoke to the doctor before he came in the room. When he walked in he greeted me with "So, I hear you filled the toilet yesterday?" And this folks is why I love my doctor! He can talk poop! We all laughed and then we started talking about the details. He was under the impression that the bleeding was rectal and when I corrected him that it was vaginal his opinion of what happened changed. He believes that the sac may have torn away from the placenta (or the placenta from the sac, or the sac from the wall....I have no idea exactly what tore from what, but you get the idea). He said if it was a small tear it would not show up on an ultrasound. He's not concerned but he did say that as it heals it's possible I'll have more bleeding (which I did, yesterday, during a trip to the bathroom that did not involve the #2).

He asked me a few questions about work and when I said that I sit during the day he said okay, and dropped the subject. He never came out and said it, but Collin and I both felt that if I didn't have a desk job he was heading towards putting restrictions on work. For now though I can continue with life as normal, with the inclusion of a strict regimen to control the constipation. He did say, however, that this could put me at a risk of going early (because the membranes may rupture easier). But, as he pointed out, I was already at that risk since I went early with Keaton.

The rest of the appointment was pretty routine. He used the doppler to hear the heartbeat but was unable to get a read on rate because the baby was so active. The whoosh, whooshing was so loud that he pulled the machine away a couple of times and when I realized what was going on I started laughing. See, we went to Ash Wednesday mass at noon and after mass we stopped for lunch. We were planning on Subway, but at the last minute realized McDonald's would probably have a deal on fish sandwiches since it was lent, so we swung the car in there instead. Because we were at McDonald's I HAD to have a small coke. I don't drink caffeine when I'm pregnant but I will make an exception for a McDonald's coke. On the way home Collin says "if this baby is as active as Keaton, you're not having ANY soda during the next pregnancy. Not even caffeine free!" So when the doctor said the baby was so active he couldn't get a good read on the heart rate my eyes grew big and I looked at Collin and we had the exact same thought. OMG. It's the McDonald's coke. I told the doc this and he assured us, one coke is fine. He also said if he had to wager a guess, he'd put the heart rate at 137 or so.

The only other thing that didn't happen is we didn't get to schedule our ultrasound. I thought for sure we would at this appointment since last time around he had said 18 to 20 weeks, but he said we'll schedule it after next month's appointment. So I'm assuming it will be in early April around 22 weeks or so.

Unrelated to yesterday's appointment, when I uploaded this 16 week picture I started digging through the archives from Keaton's pregnancy and I guess that bit about popping earlier with #2? They weren't lying.

[Updated from original post] Ah! Em's comment reminded me of something! Incidentally, after I left the ultrasound on Tuesday I felt the first kick from this baby that afternoon! I've had a few more here and there but the biggest one I got was last night as I was putting Keaton to bed. I had just pulled him up onto my lap and we had 'Ted in a Red Bed' open and about ready to read when the baby gave me a thump. I had to laugh because I could just picture him/her in there saying 'Hey, scoot over!'


Em said...

Huh? Popping? What popping? Your stomach looks flat in this picture! :) Crazy girl. Glad to hear that your appt. went well yesterday. As for the tear, I'll pray it heals quickly. It sounds like the doctor isn't too concerned because you have an office job, but remember to take it easy at home, too, okay? Also, I had to laugh at your second active baby. Today, during my NST, Lucy kicked the monitor for a full 20 minutes without stopping. I could almost picture it, her thinking, "Get this thing out of my WAY!" We are both convinced this girl is gonna be an active one as well. :)

samantha said...

Yeah for baby belly!

Glad everything was in working order. Silly baby.

Aubrey said...

So many things in this great post. Glad your appt went well. Sounds like taking it easy is the best advice. Love the baby scooting K outta the way. All 3 of mine did that. I gotta email you the rest.

TeamNee said...


I'm so glad to hear everything is well with you and the baby. I was saying prayers for you the other night when I read your blog. Just keep taking good care of yourself and let the men...okay man and little man wait on you from time to time. :)
Hopefully we'll see each other soon!

Kristin C. said...

Hey there...just saw the post from the 16th and then this update. SO VERY GLAD to hear that all is well. I will be visualizing titanium membranes and sending prayers your way for a loooooong and uneventful pregnancy for the duration.

Jill said...

So cute! Glad that everything looked good at your appt and that it was so soon to help ease your nerves! Also, very exciting about the 1st kick! Just wait till you have a huge ole belly...poor Keaton will be fighting for elbow room! :)

Andrew Ryne said...

Glad everything is ok and I'm with Ember - you look better than I did before I got pregnant (with Andrew:)!

Amy Bomstad said...

Kate- You look terrific!!!!