Thursday, February 25, 2010

Date Weekend

It feels like eons ago now, but last weekend Keaton spent the night at Papa & Busha's and Collin and I had almost 24 hours to ourselves, a date weekend. We dropped Keats off around 3 pm on Saturday and immediately headed into town to catch a movie. It has been three years (THREE! YEARS!) since we last saw a movie in the theatre. So this was a pretty big deal. On Friday I had a list of movie options and by Saturday morning we had narrowed it down to two choices: Avatar or Shutter Island.

We were both starving after dropping Keaton off, but since the restaurant we wanted to go to wasn't serving dinner yet we decided to do the movie first and tide our appetites by pigging out on a tub 'o popcorn. Due do show times, Shutter Island was the winner.

Holy cow, you guys, this movie is freakin' awesome! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, trying to put it all together, trying to figure it out before all was revealed. I don't want to say much in fear of giving anything away, but if you were thinking about going to this one, you should totally do it!

After the movie we headed to one of our favorite restaurants in town for Prime Rib and Stuffed Shrimp. We might have passed up dessert, but that didn't stop us from swinging into Dairy Queen on our way home for a couple of blizzards.

On Sunday we woke up early, headed into town for breakfast and church. As soon as we woke up Sunday morning Collin said "I really miss that kid" for me it sank it while we were eating breakfast. I felt like I needed to tell the people around us, this isn't ALL of us, there is one more, he's just not with us right now. It felt really, really weird to be only 2 instead of 3. At church I missed him more and found myself swaying back and forth every time I stood up, just as I would have done if Keaton was in my arms.

After running a few errands and ending Date Weekend with a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, we went to pick him up.

The big smile and giddy little kicks he gave as he was handed over to us was just what Mommy and Daddy needed. In reality though, I don't think he really missed us. Papa was there when he woke up in the middle of the night and Auntie Bea came over on Saturday so Keats, Busha, and Bea spent the day playing in his tunnel, practicing hitting his ball off the mini tee, playing with the swiffer, and going for sled rides. The only problem with giving Keaton a sled ride is that he NEVER. WANTS. TO. GET. OUT. So Busha and Bea pulled him up and down the road, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until FINALLY he was tuckered out.

Thanks Busha, Papa, and Bea for the relaxing weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

16 weeks

Thank you, everyone, for all the love and support after Tuesday's incident. I really appreciate it!

My doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I filled the nurse in on everything that happened and she asked if the bleeding by chance occurred during a bowel movement. Many of you who know me, and especially those who spent this past weekend with me, will not be surprised to hear that I've been constipated lately. Really constipated. So, yes, this did occur during a bowel movement, and in the interest of full disclosure it do I put this....a particularly difficult bowel movement. She thought that might have been the cause and to be honest, since the ultrasound came back clean, I too had convinced myself it was the cause, despite the fact Collin and I discussed that it didn't really make sense that I'd bleed from the front during a bowel movement.

The nurse left and spoke to the doctor before he came in the room. When he walked in he greeted me with "So, I hear you filled the toilet yesterday?" And this folks is why I love my doctor! He can talk poop! We all laughed and then we started talking about the details. He was under the impression that the bleeding was rectal and when I corrected him that it was vaginal his opinion of what happened changed. He believes that the sac may have torn away from the placenta (or the placenta from the sac, or the sac from the wall....I have no idea exactly what tore from what, but you get the idea). He said if it was a small tear it would not show up on an ultrasound. He's not concerned but he did say that as it heals it's possible I'll have more bleeding (which I did, yesterday, during a trip to the bathroom that did not involve the #2).

He asked me a few questions about work and when I said that I sit during the day he said okay, and dropped the subject. He never came out and said it, but Collin and I both felt that if I didn't have a desk job he was heading towards putting restrictions on work. For now though I can continue with life as normal, with the inclusion of a strict regimen to control the constipation. He did say, however, that this could put me at a risk of going early (because the membranes may rupture easier). But, as he pointed out, I was already at that risk since I went early with Keaton.

The rest of the appointment was pretty routine. He used the doppler to hear the heartbeat but was unable to get a read on rate because the baby was so active. The whoosh, whooshing was so loud that he pulled the machine away a couple of times and when I realized what was going on I started laughing. See, we went to Ash Wednesday mass at noon and after mass we stopped for lunch. We were planning on Subway, but at the last minute realized McDonald's would probably have a deal on fish sandwiches since it was lent, so we swung the car in there instead. Because we were at McDonald's I HAD to have a small coke. I don't drink caffeine when I'm pregnant but I will make an exception for a McDonald's coke. On the way home Collin says "if this baby is as active as Keaton, you're not having ANY soda during the next pregnancy. Not even caffeine free!" So when the doctor said the baby was so active he couldn't get a good read on the heart rate my eyes grew big and I looked at Collin and we had the exact same thought. OMG. It's the McDonald's coke. I told the doc this and he assured us, one coke is fine. He also said if he had to wager a guess, he'd put the heart rate at 137 or so.

The only other thing that didn't happen is we didn't get to schedule our ultrasound. I thought for sure we would at this appointment since last time around he had said 18 to 20 weeks, but he said we'll schedule it after next month's appointment. So I'm assuming it will be in early April around 22 weeks or so.

Unrelated to yesterday's appointment, when I uploaded this 16 week picture I started digging through the archives from Keaton's pregnancy and I guess that bit about popping earlier with #2? They weren't lying.

[Updated from original post] Ah! Em's comment reminded me of something! Incidentally, after I left the ultrasound on Tuesday I felt the first kick from this baby that afternoon! I've had a few more here and there but the biggest one I got was last night as I was putting Keaton to bed. I had just pulled him up onto my lap and we had 'Ted in a Red Bed' open and about ready to read when the baby gave me a thump. I had to laugh because I could just picture him/her in there saying 'Hey, scoot over!'

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Bad Days Turn Good

When I looked in the toilet and saw what appeared to be pink water I was confused.

When I wiped and realized the paper was saturated in bright red blood I went numb.

I wiped two more times before it was gone and as I exited the bathroom stall I was shaking. The only thought, running repeatedly through my mind was 'please let the baby be okay.'

I ran into a friend on my way back to my office and in a state of shock I blurted out what had happened. As I waited for a call back from the doctor I saw another friend on Google chat and dropped the bomb again. All I could tell them was there was blood. Alot of blood. Not spotting. Blood. My eyes welled up with tears more than once and I felt like I might loose it. Thankfully the doc's office was good and put a "high alert" on my call. Within a half hour they had my ultrasound booked. I made the appropriate calls and packed up a few things, not knowing if I'd be back.

As I drove my mind was blank. The roads to the clinic are familiar; I drive them all the time, and yet I didn't know where I was. Did I pass the gas station? Was it still coming up? I didn't know but I needed to get water. I finally found the store and all I can remember is that is smelled like corn dogs and I used my debit card to made a $1.19 purchase.

I drove the 2 min. further to the clinic, pulled into a parking spot and started chugging. My bladder needed to be full for the exam. As Collin's truck came whipping into the lot I felt a lump in my throat and tears sprang to my eyes. It was then that it really hit me why we were here.


Given the circumstances I fully expected the tech to turn the screen away from us, but much to my surprise as I laid on the bed she rotated it so we could see. When she put the wand down I saw the baby move. Or, at least, that's what I thought I saw. Two seconds later she pointed out the heartbeat and I breathed a sigh of relief.

As she took her shots we got to see the baby wiggle under the weight of the wand. He or she was kicking and punching and had a heart rate of 143.

What started out as a bad day turned out to be okay. Good, actually, because we loved being able to see the baby again.


The tech told us she saw nothing of concern and when the nurse called me with the results she confirmed that. Placenta looks good, cervix is closed. They saw no reason for the bleeding. Thankfully I have my 16-week OB appointment tomorrow, so I'll have a chance to talk to my doc directly and ask questions. For tonight though we feel at peace, the baby was moving and looked good, that's all we could ask for.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toddler/Baby Updates

Toddler Updates:
  • We took Keaton to his 12-month check-up a couple of weeks ago. Remember how at our last visit Dr. T told us that it was good that his head jumped in size and that at our next visit he was hoping to see Keats' height jump? Well that's exactly what happened. His head circumference measured 47 1/2 cm, which is the 75% (up from 50% last time); height was 30 1/2 inches, also the 75%!!! (up from 10% last time); and his weight was 20 lbs 15 oz, 25% (also up from 10% last time). So his growth is really starting to take off.
  • As of 13 months Keats was officially walking. Every day he seems to be getting steadier and steadier on his feet. At this point he prefers walking over crawling and if he does fall, he gets right back up and starts again.
  • I tweeted the other day about K's new toy - the swiffer sweeper. I call it Swiffy. He goes into the mudroom to get it out of the closet and carries it everywhere. The thing is so big that he gets it stuck on furniture, in doorways, on the cabinets, etc. and then he starts to whine. I go pick him up to try to explain this isn't a toy, but he will not let go of it and suddenly I'm holding a little boy and swiffer on my lap at the same time.
  • He loves opening and closing doors and will sit swinging a door back and forth for the longest time. Usually when he shuts himself in a room he finds it funny, but for some reason if it is his bedroom he instantly starts screaming.
  • He also likes opening and closing cabinets and drawers. At least once a day a cookie sheet, cooling rack, or a serving bowl (or three) are laying on the kitchen floor. It keeps him entertained while we make dinner or clean up though, so no complaints here.
  • He likes to get into his changing tower and get out the thermometer and nail clippers to play with. He has also started taking his diapers out one by one and piling them up on the diaper champ. The other day Collin yells out to me - are you throwing all these diapers away?? I was confused so I went in to see what he was talking about and there was a stack of diapers stuffed in the hole. We find this frequently these days.
  • He loves playing with Lego's and building blocks and enjoys knocking down our creations even more.
  • His first molar popped through late last week. He was waking up at night and we were so confused as to why. He was usually restless, but never wide awake. On Saturday Collin stuck his finger in K's mouth and it all made sense.

Baby Updates:

  • I will be 15-weeks tomorrow. Next week we have our 16-week check-up, following which we'll be scheduling the ultrasound. This is crazy to me. Even though those 5 weeks of first trimester hell seemed to drag on forever, I still can not believe next month we will be having our ultrasound.
  • As of last Friday, it was 6-months until our due date.
  • I'm trying to hold out for another week or so, but I'm thinking it is about time I pull out the maternity bin. Right now I'm wearing sweaters in a bigger size than normal, but I've realized lately that all they are really doing is making me look like a tank.
  • I have yet to take a belly picture with this pregnancy. I'm thinking 16 weeks I'll start. We'll see.
  • Em asked me the other day if we have a nickname for this baby yet. Ha! Why yes, yes we do. Long story short, we've been calling the baby Pinky Dinky. It is the most awful nickname in the history of baby nicknames, and yet it makes us both laugh and we keep using it!
  • The baby's actual name has also been chosen. We don't plan on finding out the sex, so we have both a girl and boy option. Most people know our girl name from last time around. I think we're going to keep the boy name (semi) secret. I say semi because we have already told some people. It's a family name so I'm hoping it will be a fun surprise if we do get to use it.
  • When we listen to the baby's heartbeat there has been lots of whooshing movement lately. It makes me wonder if we're gonna have another active one on our hands.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I'm rooting for the Saints

My family loves football. During family gatherings if there is a game on you can be certain that at least one TV in the house is playing it. The room is usually manned by the men, but us women, we keep track of what’s going on too. Growing up in Illinois I was raised a Bears fan. It wasn’t until 2002, after I’d been living in Wisconsin for 4 years and, more importantly, after I went to my first game at Lambeau Field that I made the big switch. There was no going back after that game, I was a Packers fan. My family was understandably dismayed by this decision. I’m sure it was harder for them to accept than my decision to convert to Catholicism. But, my family is also pretty great, and even though we might be rivals now, they still love me.

My Grandma was quite possibly the biggest football fan I’ve known. I’ve mentioned on here before that some years she would forgo putting up a Christmas tree because it would get in the way of the TV, of football. For as far back as I can remember my Dad and my Grandma had an annual bet on the Super Bowl game. The rules were simple, each person gets a team and if your team wins you win dinner of your choice on the other person. I remember making special trips up to Rockford, dinner in hand, after my Grandma won the bet. She would usually choose things my Dad was good at making, I remember one year in particular dining on duck.

After my Grandma passed away my Dad asked me if I’d like to carry on the tradition. Of course I would! My Dad let me have the choice of teams the first year and since then we take turns getting to pick. This year it was my Dad’s turn. I called him about 30 seconds after the Saints beat the Vikings in the last playoff game and asked – so, who are you picking? Without hesitation he said the Colts; which means tonight I’m a Saints fan. Come on New Orleans, Mama’s dreamin’ of lobster.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison

This pregnancy has been very similar and very different from my pregnancy with Keaton. Every time something new hurts I've been mentally taking notes, yup remember this or, WTH? this is new. I started jotting things down yesterday and want to document it here because, well, this is the only place I document anything. Before Keaton was born I bought this calendar that includes stickers with things such as: picture day, my first smile, I had visitors today, etc, etc. I thought this would be an excellent way to document his first year. I did pretty good at the beginning, I remember jotting down all of his visitors, the first time he rolled over, and the day President Obama was inaugurated. Then I started falling behind. Way behind. The calendar still hangs on his wall; it is perpetually stuck on the month of April. As in, April 2009. So yeah, I'm not very good at documenting things so if I have something I'd like to remember, I better post it here.

  • Round ligament pain. At my 8-week apt. right before Christmas the nurse told me, if you're traveling over the holidays make sure you get out of the car and stretch once every hour. I agreed but walked out thinking, dude, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, I don't need to stretch once per hour. After our 3 1/2 hour drive down to my parents I hopped out of the car and thought I was going to die. My uterus, it was burning. OMG, I totally should have listened to her. It flares up quite often at work, when I'm stuck at the computer for long periods of time. When I do get up I hobble around and I know I look like a penguin bopping back and forth.
  • Sciatic Nerve pain. When I was pregnant with Keaton I remember the pain starting around 9 weeks and my first thought was, what is wrong with my ass bone? I had read about this but everything I've read said it usually started later in the pregnancy. Not for me. It likes to fire up right away and make things all sorts of interesting. It's been especially painful the past week around 8 pm each night. I think I've finally figured out that it is from lifting Keaton. On Monday night it was pinched so bad that I literally had to get down on the floor and crawl back to the couch. Then I asked Collin if he would please come rub my ass. No. He said. Please? It hurts really bad. No. Puh-lease??? No. I will never rub anything for you ever again! Oh Christ, where's it hurt?
  • Weird dreams. This was my very first clue that I was pregnant with Keaton, followed a week later by severe boob aches. I can't really say the weird dreams ever went away after giving birth, but I can say the weird kicked it up a notch once I was pregnant again.
  • No specific cravings. Once in a while I will crave something, like the night I randomly wanted Noodles (as in, the restaurant) but I have never really had any specific, long-term cravings.
  • 11-weeks. [Updated from original post] I can not believe I forgot to include this in the original post. This might be the single biggest similarity between my two pregnancies. 11 weeks, you guys, 11 weeks (+/- a couple of days) seems to be the time in which I magically start feeling better and the 1st trimester symptoms start to wane. I'm not kidding, it's magical because in both cases I've gone to bed one night feeling like a pile of shit and I wake up in the morning with angels signing heavenly tunes above my head. The first time: July 10, 2008. This time: January 16, 2010. You do not forget the day that you wake up and realize. Holy Shit!! I'm NOT dying!!!


  • Nausea vs. Exhaustion. When I was pregnant with Keaton I was extremely exhausted. Like, I can not even put in words how tired I was all. the. time. I lived the first 3 months in a haze. I couldn't concentrate or focus and all I wanted to do was sleep all day long. I was also nauseous with Keaton, but it was nothing compared to how I felt this time around. I was sidelined on the couch for 5 weeks straight with this pregnancy, but it wasn't due to the exhaustion, it was the nausea. I felt sick pretty much all all day, every day. I also puked ALOT. I might have puked once or twice with Keaton; this time I lost count.
  • Boob pain. With Keaton my boobs started aching before I even got a positive pregnancy test. I remember being in Earlville and hugging a friend goodbye and I thought I was going to fall over in pain. OMG. My boobs. This time my boobs didn't hurt at all in the beginning and have really just started aching in the past couple of weeks.
  • Period like cramping. Same thing here. With Keaton I thought I was going to start my period, the cramping felt that similar. This time, none at the beginning and only a little over the past few weeks. I don't why this is, but I'd like to think that my uterus is all, oh dude, pregnant? No problem, I totally know what to do. And so I've had no cramping.
  • Food. Although I wouldn't call these cravings, with Keaton all that sounded good was greasy restaurant food. And so we ordered out. Alot. This time around take-out makes me sick. Even a frozen pizza makes me sick. I want homemade, comfort food and the thing that sounds the most appetizing is pasta. I've also had a few specific things that make me want to vomit just thinking about them. Yogurt. Oh God, just typing that makes me want to dry heave, and milk. Yuck. And I like both of these, but they disgust me right now.
  • Hemorrhoids. I've had hemorrhoids before, but I don't think I ever had them at the beginning of my pregnancy with Keaton. And I've NEVER had them this bad. Now?? Holy Mother of God, my ass! The other night after making friends with some Tucks pads I came hobbling out to the living room and Collin looked up and asked - why are you walking like that? And because I'm a totally sane/rational pregnant person I spat at him - Because my ass is on fire! Don't talk to me!
  • Cold vs. Hot. When I was pregnant with Keats I was always hot. In the winter I didn't even need to bundle up, just a light shirt and I was good. This time around? I'm freakin' freezing!!! Because we have a little one in the house we keep our thermostat set at 70 degrees. And yet, I'm so cold my teeth are chattering. I need blankets, blankets, blankets. I'm actually hoping this continues, it might come in handy if we have a hot summer.
  • Insomnia. [Also updated from original post] I thought of another one I forgot last night as I lay WIDE away from 2:30 am to 4 am. I'm having a problem with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. One night, while Collin was lying awake with me I sighed and complained, I'm soooo bored. That's exactly how I feel when I lay awake for 1, 2, sometimes 2+ hours at night. Bored.