Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Trimester Recap

First of all, thank you, everyone, for all of the comments, emails, etc. We are so excited and I'm thrilled to have you all along for the ride.

Secondly, as many of you have noticed, I've been really slacking on the blogging lately. I've also been slacking on cooking, cleaning, and changing diapers. This past weekend I changed my first diaper in 5 weeks. FIVE weeks!!! Now, I'm not saying I missed this task, but I was starting to feel bad for Collin. It's just. I couldn't. I could not stand the smell. I puked while changing a poopy diaper one morning and the smell of urine also made me want to vomit. Thankfully, I seem to be over that hump, though I still haven't tackled a poop diap.

I have so many posts that need to be written, Keaton's 12-month, his 1st b-day party, etc. And I promise to get to those, but first I wanted to fill you in on all things pregnancy for this first trimester.

Thanksgiving Day 2009

It's 5 am and we need to start prepping the turkey so it will be ready in time for our scheduled dinner. It's 3 days earlier than I had planned on testing but something comes over me the night before and I can no longer wait. I want to know right now.

I set the test on the counter, put my head in my hands and repeat to myself, it will be okay if it's negative. We'll try again next month. It'll be okay. It'll be okay.

I stand up and look at the test.


It's okay. I'm okay. My heart is breaking but I keep telling myself it is okay, in hopes that I will actually believe it.

I wash my hands. I'm about the throw the test away but before I do I bend down and get as close as possible to take one final look.

Whoa. What is that? Is that a line? My heart starts racing. Am I making this up?? Do I really see something?

I run out to the kitchen were Collin is putting dishes away. Come in here. Right now.

He follows me down the hall, through out bedroom, and into our bathroom. I point at the test. Do you see a line?

He puts his hands on his knees and bends down to get as close as possible.


Right there, I point. Do you see that?

He looks up at me and furrows his brows. A really faint one.

I don't think it matters I tell him, on a pregnancy test a line is a line. I think we're pregnant!

We sit there and discuss this for another 5 minutes and by the time we make it back to the kitchen, test in tow, I set it on the counter and it is clear. Faint, but clear. Two lines. We're pregnant!

3 days later I take another test to make sure and I get the result I was hoping for, a nice dark line that popped up almost instantly.

One Week Later

I call the doctor on the Monday following Thanksgiving and set up my first appointment, scheduled for Dec. 23rd. I also mention that I've been having some pain on my right side and she tells me to mention this to the nurse. When I talk to the nurse she tells me she'd like me to do an HCG quant test, with a follow-up done 48 hours later.

I go for my first lab work on Thursday, my number was over 6,000. I'm pleased with this result. 48 hours later I go for a repeat test. However, it is a Saturday, so I can't get my results until the following week.

On Monday morning I call to get the results and they tell me the number was over 10,000 - things look good. Since I have a nurse on the line I decide to take a shot and ask if it would be possible to get an early ultrasound. I know it is not routine, but I'd really like to see the heartbeat before we plan to announce at Christmas. She tells me no. Fine. I hang up, slightly disappointed.

Later that day I receive a call from a different nurse at the clinic, wanting to give me the results of my lab work. I'm a little confused and tell her I had talked to someone in the morning and she says oh, well, did they tell you the doctor would like to schedule an ultrasound?

Noooooo. I'm one part thrilled and one part nervous. Why does he want an ultrasound? I thought things looked good.

The nurse hears my hesitation and quickly says, oh, nothing is wrong, he just wants a date check.

Then it all makes sense. I ovulated on day 21 of my cycle, a week later than "normal", the numbers aren't quite adding up.

December 9th

At 3 am I puke for the first time. I puke many, many times after this, but this was the start of the first trimester "oh my God I think I'm dying" phase.

As we walk into our first ultrasound the tech asks me how far along I think I am. 6 weeks. Plus or minus a day.

I jump up on the table and as soon as she gets the thing in place I see the little dot. She zooms in to take her measurements and tells us: 5 weeks 6 days. Then she zooms in even closer and we see the first flicker. I breath a sigh of relief. She asks me to take a deep breath and hold it. I watch the machine calculating, calculating, and then it tells us: heart rate is 102 bpm. We get our first picture of Baby Kono II and leave on cloud nine.

The next day I get a call from the doc's office. Things look good, but because we are early the doc would like a repeat ultrasound in 7 to 10 days. They want to see the heartbeat over 120. I'm thrilled, we get to see the baby again!!

December 18th

My ultrasound is scheduled for the afternoon. Collin can't get out of work so I have to go alone. I'm praying things are okay. As soon the tech gets the wand in place I see the baby and almost instantly I can see the flicker of the heartbeat. I'm amazed at how much he/she has grown in just 10 days. As the tech points out, it looks just like a little gummy bear. I'm instantly in love.

Heartbeat is 140 (or was it 144? Crap, I can't remember! This is why I need to write things down).

I bring home our second picture of Baby Kono II and that night we start to tell our family and friends.

January 16th

After five weeks of feeling like I had the worst hang over in the world, I'm not kidding, one night I laid in bed and thought to myself, I am never. drinking. again. and then I remembered - I'm not actually hung over, I just feel hung over - oh but it was so much worse than a hangover, it was a hangover after being hit by dump truck while fighting a flesh eating disease, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like a million bucks. The past five weeks were suddenly erased from my mind; I love being pregnant!!!


We have our 12-week apt; the first with the doctor. Before we even ask he tells us there is a risk we might go early again. I ask about travel and he says none after 34 weeks. The rest of the appointment is pretty routine. At the end the nurse gets the doppler out and after a few seconds of searching we hear the heartbeat. 160 bpm. The baby gives us a little kick and we hear a whoosh on the machine. I've seen the baby two times already and yet hearing him/her makes it all so real. We are so excited.

Looking Ahead

August 5, 2010, the day my Grandpa turns 91 he is due to get his 6th great grandchild.


Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Thanks for the recap! Love to hear about pregnancies! Glad to hear you're feeling better and everything is going smoothly!

Take care!

Em said...

I love reading your story this way. Also, I'm so glad you've been feeling better and will hope that it's a good omen for the pregnancy from here on out. :)

Kate said...

So exciting! And good for you for writing it down - I feel like my second pregnancy went by in a big blur.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah- I have been looking every day for a blog update from you- I think I was beginning to be a Kate Blog Stalker! So glad to hear you are feeling better and BABY KONEO II is healthy- We pray for unborn Kono Baby each night! Love you guys tons!!! I hope you FINALLY got your Birthday prestent- opps I was going to put it in the mail a long time ago!!! Yikes! CAS

Patten Family said...

Congrats Kate! Super super excited for you. Welcome to baby #2 club!

amanda said...

Glad you are back in the land of the living! I'm still excited!

Kristin C. said...

Hell Yeah! You two are professional baby makers...and so blessed! Congrats Kono's Much Love from IL.