Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Keaton: 12 Months

Dear Keaton,

It has been 3 weeks since you turned 12 months (1 year!!) old. I know I’ve been slow to get this written but I promise there is good reason. The week after your birthday you came down with a nasty virus that brought our lives to a screeching halt. This was the first time you’ve really been sick and you made sure to do it up good. You had a high fever for days on end and one night it got so bad that we ended up in the ER. You were miserable and we felt awful because there wasn’t much we could do other than give you a continuous stream of Tylenol/Motrin. We spent several days snuggling on the couch, which I loved, but not under these conditions. Additionally, as you know, we are expecting your baby brother or sister in August and for the past few weeks Mommy has not been feeling very good. I hated not having the energy to get down and play with you at nights or the stomach to be able to help feed you. Thankfully we’re both feeling better these days and life seems to be back to normal.
You are doing so many new things these days; in fact, it feels like you show us something new every day. We started using a few signs with you when you were probably 6 months old. The first ones were milk, more, and all done. Busha has been working with you on these and has added a few more including no, sit, and bird. ‘No’ is probably the one that gets used the most these days. One day last month while you were at Busha’s she saw you start to head for the dog bowls (you love to put dog food in your mouth and spill the water all over the floor) she called your name and when you turned around she told you and gave you the sign for ‘No’. You are a determined little bugger through so this did not stop you, you continued on your way. So Busha called your name again, Keaton Bruske, this time a little more stern, and again you turned around and she said and signed ‘No’ and you looked right into her eyes, raised your hand, and signed ‘No’ right back at her. Oh you little bugger! Since then you have also signed more and milk to us. You don’t have any of these perfected through so yesterday while you were signing ‘milk’ we mistook it for you waving and I waved back at you and said, in my most sing-songy voice, hi baby, yes, hello. It wasn’t until about a half hour later when we gave you milk and you made the sign again that we realized that’s what you were really saying.

This past month you’ve also started giving everyone ‘bumps’ and doing touchdowns. Instead of giving you a hug/kiss goodbye your Papa always says ‘bumps’ and then the two of you knock your foreheads together. You love giving bumps and will give them to pretty much anyone that asks and even to those who don’t ask, including the cat, dog, or your stuffed bear. I also recently taught you ‘touchdown’ and you picked up on it almost immediately. Last weekend we were at Papa & Busha’s watching football while you played with your toys on the floor. As we were watching the game Daddy said “What they really need now is a touchdown” and without even looking up you threw your hands above your head, giving us a touchdown. I was the only one that saw it and I laughed and said “Did you see him? You said touchdown and he threw is arms in the air” and without skipping a beat you threw them up once again.

At a year old you are not yet walking, but you are getting pretty close. Before your birthday you were taking about 5 or 6 steps at a time, usually between me and your Daddy. Every time you started to move you’d squeal in delight, your mouth wide open and your eyes sparkling. But then you got sick and in the one week that you were down you lost a couple of week’s worth of progress. You slowly started taking steps again between each of us or from the couch to the ottoman and these days you are getting pretty brave. Yesterday I think I counted about 15 before you landed on your butt. So you’re getting there, Stink, you’re getting there.

At 12 (almost 13) months you have 7 teeth (with a few more about to pop), blow kisses, dance by wiggling your arms and moving your torso from side to side, and love crackers, Good Night Moon, climbing on everything, being tipped upside-down, petting and chasing the animals, anything with buttons, and riding in your wagon, sled, or toy dump truck. A year ago I would have gotten teary eyed thinking about your first birthday; it would mean you are no longer a baby, but a little boy who’s quickly moving towards toddler hood. But I realize now I would have only gotten teary because a year ago I had no idea how awesome you’d be as a 1-year old. I love you so much Stinker, more and more every day.



Em said...

I love reading these to hear about what Mr. K is up to. BTW, the black and white picture is great. The lighting is beautiful! :)

Gail said...

I love the picture with the cake! So sweet, Kate!

Aubrey said...

I also love the b/w photo. I get a little Geary thinking I missed him as a baby. Life really goes so fast once you have kids doesn't it? I miss and love you guys!!!

Amy Bomstad said...

Love the monthly updates! We have also started using signing. all done is my favorite.

so glad to hear that Keaton is feeling better. There is nothing worse than to feel helpless (and feeling like crap yourself)!

Happy Birthday Keaton!